Five Reasons to Sponsor a Lions Peace Poster Contest

For 30 years, millions of children have colored the world in peace through the Lions International Peace Poster Contest. Purchase a kit at

By sponsoring a Peace Poster contest, Lions have the opportunity to:

1. Encourage children to express their feelings through art.

By giving children a creative outlet for their thoughts, they can discover new ways to speak their mind.

2. Boost kids’ self-esteem, and let them know that their ideas matter.

The recognition that children receive from participating and winning the Peace Poster contest can change their attitudes about life. Children gain the confidence they need to become leaders and peacemakers.

3. Give your club an opportunity to promote peace in a world of conflict.

Social media feeds are noisy with world news items that break hearts and ignite anger. Share a child’s image of peace and bring a smile to someone’s day.

4. Increase your club’s visibility in the community.

Work with local school districts and youth groups. Get community leaders involved. Contact news outlets to announce the winners. Let your town know that Lions club is committed to youth engagement and international peace, and tell them how they can help, too.

5. Give children and adults hope for a peaceful future.

Make a difference in a child’s life. Promote peace in your community. Purchase your Peace Poster kit today at

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