Lions and LCIF Responded To Hurricane Harvey

My Dear Lions,

On Friday, August 25th, Hurricane Harvey made its way ashore on the central Gulf Coast of Texas with winds of 125 miles per hour. As I draft this letter, the central coast of Texas, including metropolitan Houston, is still being affected by unprecedented amounts of rain fall and potentially devastating flooding.  The nearly 17 million residents in the path of the storm will be dealing with the aftermath for weeks and possibly months to come.

Lions Clubs International, through our Foundation (LCIF), has responded with emergency catastrophe grant in the amount of US$100,000. The grant will allow Lions in the area of impact to provide life-saving supplies of food, water, blankets and other necessities. 

We never know when or where disaster will strike. But when it does, LCIF emergency and major catastrophe grants enable local Lions to respond, making an immediate impact in the hardest hit areas – around the world.

Your donation to LCIF makes it possible for us to respond at a moment’s notice to this and other disasters as they strike. Lions members are the most generous people in the world.  Please consider a donation to LCIF to assist Lions in short-term and long-term disaster response.

Donate to LCIF

I know you join me in keeping the victims of this latest natural disaster in your thoughts and prayers.  Together we make a significant difference.



Dr. Naresh Aggarwal

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