Gewoon Oranje: 2017 Leo Europa Forum

Leos in Amsterdam

August was a busy month for Leos across the world. Constitutional Areas I/II, III and IV hosted annual Leo area forums. Organizers of the 2017 Leo Europa Forum (LEF) Vince Van de Weijer and Pieter Haex share their thoughts on why Europe’s long-established Leo area forum is so special.

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Why is LEF such a great event?

The highest number of participants and delegations in years. Leos from outside of Europe. The Lions Centennial Celebration. 60 years of Leos. All of these elements came together for a sold-out event filled with a huge amount of positivity, energy and fun. As with every year, it was a great week. For us, one that we will never forget!

What inspired you to lead this event?

The opportunity to organize a LEF comes once in a Leo lifetime. Therefore, it is unique. Having experienced and participated in a few LEFs ourselves, we wanted to organize it; to show our country, to offer an opportunity for our Leo friends to see each other and give them the best possible week ever!

What was the most memorable part of the event?

Highlights (and therefore most memorable) were the gala, the centennial celebration and the social activity in the zoo. In addition, the opening ceremony was completely different than in previous years and hence unforgettable. And the Fun Presentation of Countries [an evening in which each country delegation hosts a table with local food and drink], like always, was one of the best evenings. Its spontaneity is indescribable and at the same moment one of the best LEF feelings.

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