Celebrating 60 Years of Leos: The Power of Youth

December 5th is the 60th Anniversary of the Leo Club Program. To celebrate 60 years of Leo history, we will feature stories from former Leos around the world on what being a Leo has meant to them. Our third feature comes from District GLT Coordinator Andreja Stojkovski, who as a Leo realized the power young people have to make a difference in their community. As a member of the Skopje Leo Club in Skopje, Macedonia, his club raised over $7,500 to build a library for their city’s orphanage. Now a Lion, he continues to support and encourage young people’s abilities to effect change, acting as a Leo club advisor for over a decade.

When District GLT Coordinator Stojkovski became a Leo in 1999, he knew he wanted to help his community in any way he could. “I joined Leos because I wanted to spend more time out there serving my community, even by doing simple acts of kindness.” However, it wasn’t until his second year in the club that he saw the true impact he could have as a Leo. As part of his club’s service project, the Leos organized a classical music concert, with a book drive and CD sale, to benefit the building of a library for their city’s orphanage. “The music concert we organized for the orphanage was the first time I understood the power we had as youths. We sold out an entire concert hall of 880 seats, booking 3 opera singers and arranging for the audio recordings which we later sold as CDs. We also worked with corporate sponsors to arrange a book drive, collecting over 5,000 books that day. The whole project brought in $7,500.” He came away from the event with the knowledge that as a Leo, he could do something truly impactful. “Knowing that a group of twenty-something year olds could manage a project of such magnitude was an eye opening experience. Seeing the children with their books made all our efforts worth it.”

After becoming a Lion in 2005, he immediately took on a role as Leo club advisor, and continued to mentor Leos for over a decade. When asked what advice he would give to Leos today, he stressed the impact that being a Leo can have not only for the communities they serve but also for the Leo. “Being a Leo is a life changing experience, not only for the people that you serve, but you as the volunteer. Be the change you want to see in society and become a Leo today!”

For more information on becoming a Leo or to sponsor a Leo Club, visit our website at http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/how-we-serve/youth/leo-club-program.php.

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