Touchstone Story #84–Paperless Lions

How many Lions are there around the world and what are they doing to serve others? Not long ago such questions required searching through piles of paperwork at Lions Clubs International headquarters. Today,, Lions’ online membership and service reporting system, has the answers with a mere mouse click or two. 

“Technology and our service [are] really the key to the success of this organization,” said Past International President Clement Kusiak, who served from 2004 to 2005.

The modernization of Lions records management accelerated with advances in digital technology in the early 21st century. At headquarters, the data gathering and processing functions moved to larger and more powerful mainframes, then to networked systems and ultimately to the Internet. In 2003, Lions launched the Web Monthly Membership Reporting, known as WWMR, which allowed online filing of club reports for the first time.

Over the next decade, Lions continued to upgrade and refine the WMMR program, and in 2012, Lions reintroduced it as MyLCI.

MyLCI is linked directly to the cloud and Lions’ club websites. Updates to club information on MyLCI are immediately reflected on club websites. Lions can quickly file reports, pay bills electronically and share the latest news without ever visiting a post office. But the improved technology does much more than reduce the time it takes to record membership and service numbers. It produces more accurate reports for donors and continues to reduce Lions’ carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of paper forms and written correspondence.

Lions communication may one day be completely paperless. The digital version of LION Magazine already includes bonus materials not found in the physical edition. Videos and audio files inserted into the digital magazine provide readers with additional insights, stories and connections to Lions worldwide.

As technology—and access to it—improves, Lions will keep innovating to help Lions quickly share their great works of service.

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