1st OSEAL Leo Forum

In November, the Leos of Constitutional Area V gathered in Malaysia for the first ever OSEAL Leo Forum. Forum organizer Leo Bernard Cheang shares how connecting Leos from all over OSEAL inspired the event and gave participants a platform to exchange ideas and cultures in service.



What was great about this event? 

The best part of OSEAL Leo Forum was that it was the first time that Leos from all over OSEAL were brought together. The forum gave OSEAL Leos the platform to explore different cultures, make new friends and discuss innovative ways that we could make an impact in society together despite our distance. We had Leos from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, connecting and building relationships with one another.



What inspired you to lead this event? 

The biggest inspiration for hosting the very first OSEAL Leo Forum was our drive to connect the Leos of OSEAL. We felt that by bringing different people from different places, our unique experiences would lead to collective global ideas in servicing our communities. This inspiration was the theme for the forum, “Engage, Enrich and Empower,” and we hoped all Leos that attended left feeling empowered to engage in their communities.


What was the most memorable part of the event? 

My favorite event of the forum was definitely on the second night when we held the “Fellowship Dinner”. It was ridiculously fun! We played different games, had amazing performances from different cultures, and held a great dance party to end the night. There were so many smiles, laughs and happy memories from that day. It was truly inspiring to see so many Leos let loose and enjoy themselves on the last night. It showcased that we successfully engaged and connected Leos from all over OSEAL.



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