Leo Club Awareness Month Checklist!


April is Leo Club Awareness Month! During April, we encourage Lions and Leos to raise awareness of the importance of Leo clubs in their communities. Leo clubs create a platform for young people to serve as positive agents of change and develop into service-minded community leaders. For 60 years, Leo clubs have challenged the youth of the world to engage in local, national and international service, creating a network that today consists of over 7,000 clubs in over 146 countries.

Raise awareness about your Leo Club! Use this checklist to spread the word on the importance of Leos:

  • Update your social media profile picture with the #proudLEO filter
  • Plan a joint service project with local Lions clubs and post on social media with #LeoAwareness
  • Upload a photo or video with the #proudLEO hashtag and tell us why you serve
  • Share some of our downloadable badges on your social media pages
  • Get featured on Lions Instagram by sharing your favorite Leo service project with #LeoAwareness

Be sure to check out the Leo Awareness Month Toolkit for some great social media banners and badges. Follow the Leo Club Program Facebook page for more exciting stories and to learn about other opportunities to promote and celebrate Leo clubs.

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