How to Apply for an LCIF Matching Grant

Your Lions district or multiple district is making an impact in your community every day. Did you know that a Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Matching grant can help extend your reach if there is an unmet humanitarian need in your community?

This is an image of the cover of the matching grant application. There is a photo that includes a Lion assisting a young girl in a wheelchair who is holding onto a service dog.

LCIF Grants Change Lives

Matching grants provide matching funds between US$10,0000 and US$100,000, typically for equipment and infrastructure needs. They are the most common type of grant awarded by LCIF.

What Lions Can Do with a Grant

Project examples include, but are not limited to: schools and housing for children without homes; physical rehabilitation facilities for people who are disabled; improved access to medical care for vulnerable communities; projects that address the needs of at-risk populations, such as the expansion of nursing homes, food banks, and clean water; and projects that support long-term disaster reconstruction of community facilities.

Find Out How to Apply for a Lions Clubs International Foundation Grant

If your district or multiple district has identified a large-scale humanitarian project, learn about Matching grant criteria and regulations. Then, submit your Matching grant application. Remember, the LCIF Board of Trustees reviews all eligible Matching grant applications three times per year. Applications must be received at least 60 days prior to the scheduled board meeting and meet all criteria to be considered. You can find the dates for the board meetings on LCIF’s calendar page.

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