5 Ways Lionsclubs.org Can Improve Your Service

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Getting the most out of our new website

Our all-new website is almost here! And it’s been designed to improve the experience of Lions and potential Lions alike. The website is a critical part of Lions’ and clubs’ experiences, and we’re extremely proud to be launching a product that’s the result of years of research and development—listening to members’ and clubs’ wants and needs, and incorporating them in useful ways.

So, exactly how can our new website enhance your service? Let’s take a look!

1. The Service Launchpad

Lions Clubs International has developed ready-to-use, comprehensive project planners. The Service Launchpad guides you through a few simple questions to help you find the perfect project that supports one of our five global causes: diabetes, hunger, vision, childhood cancer and the environment.

2. The Resource Center

Over the years, Lions have produced so many great resources like guides, presentations, media and much more. To help members find what they need with ease, our new website features a powerful search and discover tool called the Resource Center. It’s as simple as typing a keyword into the search bar, and content filters in the sidebar will help you narrow your search.

3. The Club Locator

With more than 48,000 clubs around the world, the service of Lions reaches communities far and wide. The new website allows potential Lions, and Lions, to find any and every club by simply searching a location or keyword in the Club Locator. The new Club Locator is also fully integrated with MyLion™, so clubs that are using the MyLion™ app can showcase their clubs’ information, photos and upcoming projects to potential members.

4. Enhanced Storytelling

Lions are on the frontlines of service in countless communities around the globe. It’s time that these stories are given a bigger platform than ever before and are shared with the world. One of the main focuses of the new website is exactly this—featuring the stories of Lions, beautifully and across a variety of media including blogs, photography and videos. Sharing these incredible service stories will not only show potential Lions what we’re all about, it will also help Lions inspire  one another and take pride in the good that our nearly 1.5million members are doing every day.

5. Simple Donations

Lions Clubs International Foundation empowers the service of Lions through grants given to humanitarian projects around the world. Funding these projects, which help so many in need each year, requires donations from Lions and potential Lions alike. To make donating as easy as possible, the online process has been streamlined. We’ve added   a “donate” button to the top of every page so that all website visitors are aware of the opportunity to give in support of our life-changing service.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a Lion

While the website may be getting a new look and feel, the tangible good provided by Lions to the world remains the same. The goal of the new site is simple: to provide an excellent experience to our members—one that is both stunning and useful—while sharing with the world who we are, what we do and how they can join in.


Children in Ethiopia smile for the camera. Credit: The Carter Center

Foundation Support Contributes to Ethiopia’s Largest Victory in Battle against River Blindness

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Six districts in the North Gondar zone of Ethiopia are experiencing extraordinary effects of generosity. Thanks in part to Lions-Carter Center SightFirst partnership, these communities are the first of 197 Ethiopian districts to halt the spread of onchocerciasis, more commonly known as “river blindness.”

Classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the world’s second leading infectious cause of blindness, this parasitic disease is transmitted by blackflies found near fast-moving rivers and streams. Once infected, victims suffer from intense itching, skin rashes and eye afflictions that often lead to permanent vision loss. The affliction is prevalent in Africa, as well as parts of Latin America and Yemen. With more than 19 million residents at risk of contracting river blindness, the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health is working diligently to eliminate transmission of this preventable disease. As part of these efforts, Mectizan®, an anti-parasite medicine donated by Merck & Co., Inc., is distributed to residents of endemic areas twice per year. Read the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health’s press release here.

Generosity of The Carter Center and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has played a pivotal role. The Carter Center is a non-governmental agency established in 1982 by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in conjunction with Emory University. Its mission is to promote peace, improve health and alleviate human suffering worldwide.

Since 1994, LCIF has proudly partnered with The Carter Center. LCIF’s support, totaling US$63 million, has helped distribute more than 218 million Mectizan® treatments in 11 countries throughout Africa and the Americas.Ethiopia, February 13, 2007: President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn visit health projects supported by the Carter Center in this remote rural area of Ethiopia. Here, the President and Mrs. Carter help measure people to determine how many prophylactic onchocerciasis (River Blindness) Mectizan pills should be given to them. President Carter holds up three fingers to indicate how many pills. For use only with permission of The Carter Center, Atlanta, Ga, USA. Credit: The Carter Center

With river blindness transmission at a halt in this part of Ethiopia, 1.1 million residents can discontinue medication. Post-treatment surveillance and health education activities will continue for the next three to five years to confirm that river blindness has been eliminated.  This also is a victory for cross border collaboration as Ethiopia’s neighbor Sudan also stopped treatment in the neighboring Galabat district on its side of the border.  The two countries worked in close harmony to accomplish a shared goal.

Ethiopia hopes to eliminate river blindness nationally, and extends its thanks to dedicated health workers, The Carter Center, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Ethiopia Lions Clubs District 411/A and the Most Honorable Dr. Tebebe Berhan, University of South Florida, the World Health Organization, Merck & Co., Inc., and the Mectizan® Donation Program.

Visit LCIF.org/BE100 to learn how Campaign 100 will lead the charge to rid the world of infectious blindness, reduce avoidable blindness and visual impairment, and improve overall quality of life by providing services to those with blindness or visual impairment.

Photo courtesy of the Carter Center

LCIF and the Carter Center Recognized for their Work Battling Trachoma

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*Photo courtesy of the Carter Center

Did you know that Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has demonstrated a commitment to not only controlling but eliminating certain neglected tropical diseases that threaten vision for the some of the world’s most vulnerable populations?

Commonly known as NTDs, the term “neglected tropical diseases” refers to a particular group of communicable diseases that prevail in tropical and subtropical conditions in 149 countries. Both onchocerciasis (river blindness) and trachoma are considered NTDs and both are leading causes of blindness in particular areas of the world.

LCIF’s SightFirst program funds the efforts of Lions, nongovernmental organizations, government agencies and others to fight the major causes of preventable and reversible blindness, and provide services to persons who are blind or have a visual impairment. Trachoma will continue to remain a priority for SightFirst; click here to learn more about what that means.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently published an article highlighting the massive drug donation to NTDs, with a focus on trachoma.  In addition to recognizing the Carter Center, Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical donors, the article also recognizes the critical contributions of partner organizations, like LCIF, that support the distribution of the donated medicines in the context of broader disease elimination strategies.


San Diego Leos Inspire Their Lions #LeosCollaborate

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This year’s Leo Day Video Contest theme invites you to share how #LeosCollaborate with Lions in your community! Today’s guest post comes from Leo Club Charter President Cady Mariano and her advisor, Lion Lee, from San Diego, California. These Leos regularly collaborate with their sponsoring Lions club to put on some impressive projects, ranging from Leo-led summer camps to food drives benefiting more than 600 people. Read how these San Diego Leos worked with their Lions to host powerful projects!


Tell us a little about yourselves.

Leo Cady: My name is Cady Mariano, and I am the charter president of the San Diego United Leos Club. I have been involved with Lions for the past seven years, founding our first Cubs club in 2012 and Leo club in 2015. I am in my junior year of high school, and in my free time, I enjoy dancing, singing and acting.

Lion Lee: My name is Lee Mariano, and I am honored to be the Leo Club Advisor for the San Diego United Leo Club.


How do you encourage leadership in your Leo club?

Lion Lee: We encourage all Leos to find service projects that they are passionate about. Our Leos have stepped up into leadership roles and have coordinated many successful fundraisers, including some with our own Lions club.

Leo Cady: We have 24 Leos in our club and average around 25 projects a year. As a leader in my club, I’ve had the opportunity to plan and run numerous events, develop my skills in managing schedules and volunteers, design marketing materials and brainstorm new and creative ideas for increased engagement. Our Leo club has raised more than $28,000, benefiting over 20 charities, including $10,250 to LCIF last year for victims of the hurricanes.


How do you collaborate with Lions and Leos?

Leo Cady: We regularly collaborate with our sponsoring Lions in the San Diego United Lions club on all kinds of events. We’ve played a big role in their fundraisers and service projects with one of our favorites being a care package assembly project for military families. In turn, we receive their advice and support for our projects. Together, we’ve coordinated our food and toy drives, summer camps and beach clean ups serving more than 600 families. We have so much fun helping each other out at our events.

Lion Lee: For the past two years, the Leos have planned and taught a summer camp for kids from homeless and low income families in conjunction with the Lions Club’s “Camp Jack.” The Leos used their own skills and talents to teach classes in dancing, singing, piano, taekwondo, drawing, gymnastics, soccer, basketball and others. It was great to have the Leos bring their fresh, new ideas to the event as they see things in a whole new light.


How do Leos and Lions inspire you?

Leo Cady: I’m inspired by Lions because of how they dedicate their lives to service. We appreciate all the support and guidance they have given us, and are honored to be a part of their events. We hope we have made them proud.

Lion Lee: The Leo’s unique service projects and tireless efforts continue to inspire me. I have seen their passion shine through in their countless projects, from sandwich making and hygienic boxes construction for homeless, their ingenuity to use their own talents to teach at the summer camp, and their excitement to help animal shelters and make animal toys. It inspires me to invest more as a Lion. I have truly learned so much and am very proud of them all.


Share your stories about Leos and Lions working together! Submissions for the Leo Day Video Contest are due November 1, 2018. Winners will be announced on International Leo Day on December 5 and will receive a cash prize of up to $1,000.


Donate a Photo to Support LCIF’s Sight for Kids

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Helping to protect a child’s sight is as easy as snapping a photo! For every photo you donate through Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo app*, Johnson & Johnson will donate US$1 to Lions Clubs International Foundation’s (LCIF) Sight for Kids program, up to US$30,000.

Each photo you “donate” via the app (up to 1 per day) through December 31, 2018, will help Lions and our partner, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies (JJVCC), provide eye health education,  vision screening and access to a professional eye exam to a child. The Sight for Kids program’s mission is to mobilize local Lions, teachers and eye care professionals to improve eye health awareness and remove eye care barriers to for children in underserved areas across Asia, as well as in Kenya and Turkey – including providing exams, and eye glasses and other treatment.

The free mobile app is accessible to Lions and the public in the U.S, the United Kingdom and Japan. All you have to do is download the free mobile app from the App Store or Google Play and start taking pictures!

How to Get Started

  1. Download the FREE Donate a Photo app for your Apple or Android device (click here)
    2. Follow the in-app steps to set up your account and profile. Switch on your Facebook and Twitter accounts within the app to automatically share with all your friends and followers! You can also set up a daily reminder.
    3. Choose our cause: “To help protect a child’s sight with Sight for Kids.”
    4. Then, take a picture, or choose an existing photo to share from your library.
    5. When you share your photo, you help a child and inspire others to help our Sight for Kids program!

Photo Guidelines

  • Lions and the public can donate up to one photo a day, every day, to benefit LCIF’s Sight for Kids cause through December 31, 2018.
  • Any appropriate snapshot helps, but Lions hope to share photos of faces or eyes or favorite views to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of eye health and accessible eye care and exams, especially for our kids.
  • Are you planning a project or event for World Sight Day? Share your Lions club service photos through the Donate a Photo app
  • Be sure to tag photos with the hashtag #Be100 on Facebook and Twitter. LCIF will share select photos through the Lions Clubs International official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Since 2002, LCIF and JJVCC’s Sight for Kids program has worked to provide eye health education and eye care and eyeglasses access to millions of school children throughout Asia, Kenya and Turkey with the Sight for Kids program. Surrounding World Sight Day, LCIF and JJVCC are ensuring their social snapshots are serving, too!

Consider donating a photo for Sight for Kids to help Lions protect a child’s sight today and every day through the end of 2018! Learn more about Sight for Kids at www.lcif.org/sfk.

*The Donate a Photo app is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan only. No matter where you live, be sure to get the word out about Sight for Kids and the importance of annual professional eye exams for our children. Photos shared are not used for commercial purposes.

Disclosure: You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated to Sight for Kids, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. will donate US$1 to that cause. You can donate photos to Sight for Kids until December 31, 2018, or until it reaches its goal of US$30,000, whichever comes first.


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