Lions Clubs International Foundation -- Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service

Introducing a Capital Fundraising Campaign to Empower Your Service

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Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), your global foundation, officially launched Campaign 100, LCIF: Empowering Service at Lions Clubs International Convention July 3. The significance behind the campaign name began 100 years ago, with the vision of Lions Clubs International Founder Melvin Jones.

Today, Lions still work toward Jones’ vision – to serve. Restoring sight and preventing blindness. Mobilizing disaster relief. Creating positive learning environments for kids. Serving the disabled,the elderly, the most vulnerable among us. No one Lion, club, or district can do these alone. But together, we can all #BE100.

As Lions reflect on a century of service and accomplishments, we also look to the future, to the next 100 years. We see that the needs of the world have never been greater. We see new challenges.

Campaign 100 International Chairperson Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada

Above: Like 16+ million youth worldwide, these children, visited by Past International President and Campaign 100 International Chairperson Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada, are benefitting from LCIF’s Lions Quest youth development programs.

Journey to #BE100

In 2015, as many may recall, Lions Clubs International conducted a Global Service Assessment. That assessment identified five priority focus areas: diabetes, the environment, hunger, vision, and childhood cancer.

Lions Clubs International Foundation focus areas diabetes, the environment, hunger, vision, and childhood cancer.

With these expanding global causes, LCIF recognized something extraordinary was needed to empower Lions’ service.

The most ambitious fundraising effort in LCIF history, Campaign 100 spans three years and seeks to raise US$300 million by June 30, 2021. Campaign 100 will empower Lions to #BE100, serve 200+ million people each year, and ensure Lions have resources to:

  • Increase service impact in our focus areas of vision, youth, disaster relief, and humanitarian causes.
  • Fight diabetes and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed.
  • Expand our global causes by identifying areas of greatest need and opportunity within the broad causes of hunger, childhood cancer, and the environment.

Take a look at the launch of Lions Clubs International Foundation’s most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history — Campaign 100.

Call for Support

Campaign 100

Over the past 100 years, we’ve proven that Lions united in service can transform millions of lives. As Lions, we serve proudly, empowered by our global foundation. Please #BE100 and support Campaign 100.

Donate to LCIF


Historic Rains Cause Massive Flooding In Japan

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Dear Lions,

As many of us were returning from the 101st annual Lions Clubs International Convention, Lions from Japan were welcomed home by historic rains in the southwestern part of their country. The massive amount of rain – 14 inches in only two hours – caused immense flooding. Many people lost their lives, others lost their homes, and millions of people have been evacuated.

We know Lions everywhere join us in sending their thoughts and prayers to residents in the flooded area.

As rain continues to fall, Lions in Japan are providing relief in the way of much-needed supplies to people who have been evacuated.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has approved US$300,000 in designated disaster funding to assist local Lions in their quick response to this disaster.

The generous support of Lions allows LCIF to provide disaster relief funding at a moment’s notice. That is why it is important for you to support LCIF by donating to our newest and most ambitious fundraising initiative, Campaign 100: Empowering Service.

Donate to LCIF

The most ambitious fundraising effort in LCIF’s history, the goal of Campaign 100 is to raise US$300 million to bolster our service impact and fund the needs of an ever-changing world.

Please consider making a donation to Campaign 100 so we may continue to answer the call when and where we are most needed.


Dr. Naresh Aggarwal
Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Gudrun Yngvadottir
International President, Lions Clubs International


Omega Leo Survey – The Results are In!

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In February 2018, LCI conducted a survey of Omega Leos (age 18 – 30) to assess their attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions. The survey collected feedback on current satisfaction as well as Omega Leo needs and preferences.


Touchstone Story #63–Building Community

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Lions have always worked to improve their communities through service. But during the 1940s and 1950s, their community-building efforts involved a great amount of actual building.

Whether paving roads, putting up schools or creating playgrounds, Lions in that era often focused on improving their towns’ physical space. Their efforts were prominent in the both the United States and in the growing number of countries where Lions Clubs International had spread. Wherever Lions built, they made a difference.

In many parts of the world, it was a time of transition and optimism. With World War II at an end, communities once again had time to focus on growth and improvement.

In 1949, Lions in Mexico City built the first of what would become a score of new schools. Belgian Lions began construction of a medical center and prenatal facility in the town of Hingene in 1952. That same year, in rural Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada, Lions launched work on a playground.

The public projects that Lions contributed—the neighborhood playgrounds, gyms, campgrounds, scout buildings, memorial fountains and thousands of Lions parks—were highly visible, and many remain prominent in their towns.

Lions were busy in those years, often relying on their resourcefulness and creativity to raise the funds needed to build.

Lions in Arvada, Colorado, needed two years to raise enough money for a tennis court that doubled in winter as a community skating rink, but they made it. In Florida, Lions built a dock for the Boys’ Home Association of Jacksonville that extended 250 feet into the St. Johns River. In the late 1940s in Morrill County, Nebraska, it took Lions four years of fundraising dances and auctions before they had enough money to build a 12-bed hospital in the tiny town of Bridgeport. Lions rolled up their sleeves and built a picturesque Girl Scout camp in Menlo Park, California. And in 1947, Lions in St. George, Utah, helped to build an arena, called the Dixie Sun Bowl, for rodeos and other sporting events.

The Sun Bowl is “a monument to the Lions and to the many people who gave so much to see it evolve from a simple idea to a practical reality,” a St. George Magazine article reported. Local Lion Neal Lundberg, a key player in the Bowl’s creation, said bluntly, “It’s a good example of what can happen when you get a bunch of damned fools headed in the same direction.”

Lions continue to shape their towns with construction projects big and small. In the early 1960s, Lions in Baguio City, Philippines, built the high-profile Melvin Jones Grandstand in the city’s famous Burnham Park. And in the small community of Tottenham, Australia, Lions helped upgrade the local airstrip in 2012, lengthening the runway and installing lighting so medical airlift planes could land.

“The strength of the community is its heart,” said Ben Nicholls, president of the Tottenham Lions Club, who oversaw the project, “and our little community has plenty of heart and have done what was needed.”

Explore the exciting history of Lions Clubs International with our exclusive Touchstone Stories series. Don’t forget to share these stories with new members so they gain an understanding of Lions history!



Thank You, Lions, for Protecting our Children

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Immunization saves millions of lives and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions. Yet, there are more than 19 million unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children in the world, putting them at serious risk of these potentially fatal diseases. Of these children, 1 out of 10 never receive any vaccinations, and most likely have never been seen by the health system.

World Immunization Week – celebrated in the last week of April – aims to highlight the collective action needed to ensure that every person is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is proud to participate in World Immunization Week. Every day, Lions are mounting social mobilization campaigns, talking to parents and community leaders, and helping to save the lives of countless children from measles.

In 2010, LCIF and Lions made a promise to the children of the world. We committed to raising US$30 million by the end of 2017 to support measles vaccinations for some of the neediest areas of the world.

Not only did we meet our goal, but because of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that actually became US$60 million. Our One Shot: One Life measles vaccination initiative was a tremendous success.

Because of Lions, 88 million children have been vaccinated against this deadly – but preventable – disease. Because of Lions, 61,000 future deaths have been avoided. In fact, in 2016, global measles deaths fell to a historic low of fewer than 90,000.

Thank you, Lions, for your protecting our children.


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