Preston’s Blog: School Visit in India

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We met many Lions during our trip to India a few weeks ago, as we often do on our visits, but during this trip we met a club that has been doing extraordinary things for their local youth.

The Delhi Lions Club brought us to visit a kindergarten through 10th grade school. What we found out while we were there was that this school has been operated by the Delhi Lions for 52 years!

There are so many other ways we as Lions can make a huge impact in the life of a child. We’ve even encouraged Lions to participate in “Engaging Our Youth” for the Centennial Service Challenge. We saw the Delhi Lions’ dedication to education, and the proof could be seen in the smiling faces of the students we met that day.

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Webinar: You’ve Been a Club President … What’s Next?

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Interested in a Lions leadership position beyond the club level?  Wonder how a Lions Clubs International district is structured and operates? Thinking about your long term future as a Lion?  This presentation is for you!

Follow three Past Club Presidents as they continue their Lions journey at the club, district, and zone levels.  The webinar discusses the importance of a mission statement, a typical district-level committee structure, a possible path to the zone chairperson role and suggestions for continued service at the club level.   Join us for an enlightening webinar that could lead you to your next Lions dream!

Sign up today for one of the sessions below:

Wednesday, 4/1/15, 12:00pm, CDT
Wednesday, 4/1/15, 12:00pm, CDT
Wednesday, 4/1/15, 12:00pm, CDT

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SightFirst in Sri Lanka

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The SightFirst Advisory Committee (SAC) recently approved a grant to fund eye care services in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, District 306-B2: A grant of US$162,448 was awarded to the Lions Golden Jubliee Eye Hospital, Kadawatha, for general infrastructure development at the hospital. SightFirst support will enable the hospital to significantly increase annual cataract output from 2,900 patients to 4,400 patients. Support will also increase first-time outpatient visits from 9,000 to 11,750.

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Baby Care Packages in South Africa

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The Tokai Lions Club in South Africa organized an on-going activity called “Naked Baby Project” for mothers in need in their community. This project began in June 2014 and since then they have distributed 387 baby care packages.

The Lions fill these care packs with clothes, toys, blankets, baby shampoos and lotions, diapers and more and distribute them to new mothers in maternity wings who have little to nothing for their newborn babies.

Follow the Tokai Lions on Facebook and stay up-to-date on their “Naked Baby” project and future club activities.

How does your club help mothers in need?

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Lions Quest Recognized by UN

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Last week, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) held its 58th Session in Vienna, focused on the issue of drug use among youth worldwide. The CND meeting is the largest anti-drug event on the UN’s calendar. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) staff was on hand to discuss how Lions Quest has been proven a successful tool in addressing this problem around the world.

During the “Innovations in Youth Drug Prevention” seminar, Lions Quest was recognized alongside a number of other leading programs. Michael Botticelli, Director of the US Office National Drug Control Policy, listed Lions Quest among the programs known to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors that help prevent drug use among young people. LCIF staff presented the results of different studies that show that Lions Quest has successfully reduced alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use in multiple countries, including the US, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Japan and Czech Republic.

A panel discussion about “The Role of School-Based Social Emotional Skill-Building in Youth Prevention” highlighted the effective collaboration between LCIF and the UNODC in Serbia. Gilberto Gerra, Chief of the UN’s Office of Drug Control (UNODC) Drug Prevention and Health Branch, congratulated LCIF for sponsoring an evidence-based program that has proven successful in so many countries.

At a separate panel discussion, leading experts presented results of a cost-benefit analysis of various drug use prevention programs. That analysis shows that every US$1 invested in Lions Quest’s Skills for Adolescence saves more than US$5 in future costs.

Lions Quest programs are active in more than 90 countries, impacting 13 million youth all over the world. As more and more governments and NGOs take notice of the program’s accomplishments, LCIF continues to find new partners to help expand the program. A newly revised curriculum will be available soon.

Learn more about how Lions Quest prevents substance abuse and how your local Lions club can get involved.


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