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In the April LION Magazine: Where do all of those eyeglasses go? Take a look inside a recycling operation in Olympia, Washington, that has sorted through 1.5 million discarded specs. Also, service groups like the Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs are known for their friendly rivalry. But when they team up for a good cause, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. See some innovative projects that these joint efforts have accomplished.

Also in this issue:

In the Digital LION, watch a video about the upcoming 98th International Convention in Honolulu, and get special previews of speakers, entertainers, seminars, tours and more; see a vintage message from 1937 in which Lions Clubs founder Melvin Jones encourages members to attend the convention in Chicago; read a story from 2010 describing how Lions in multiple states worked to deter diabetes.

Visit the LION Magazine page to contact editors, view past issues and listen to the audio version of the magazine.

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Celebrate Family and Friends Month

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April is Family and Friends Month, and what better way to spend time with those you care about than by serving together! Consider welcoming family and friends to learn more about your club by planning an open house. Then, invite them along to participate in a service project, such as:

  • organize a community clean-up day at a local park
  • clean a vacant lot or parking lot in your community
  • read to children at local libraries or schools
  • collect food for your local food pantry

The list of possible projects is endless! You can even host a picnic or barbecue after a successful service project to recognize a job well done. This month, show your family and friends what it’s like to be a Lion!

How will your club celebrate Family and Friends Month?

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Preston’s Blog: Special Message to the Lions of Kenya

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Dear Lions of Kenya,

As the people of Kenya look for answers in the senseless attack on Garissa University College and mourn the loss of so many innocent lives, please know your friends and family – the Lions of the world – mourn with you and hold you close in our hearts.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, the victims, and their loved ones.

Lions Clubs International stands for peace.  We believe in respect for all.  We believe through humanitarian service we can transform the lives of others.  Through our many service programs and the dedication of our 1.37 million members around the world, we have improved the quality of life for millions of people.

As Lions we are bound together by our motto “We Serve.”  We have transformed the lives of millions of people through selfless acts of kindness.  As honest brokers of peace, goodwill and service, we will never understand the motivation of those who seek to cause pain, and we find ourselves asking “why” in the wake of tragedies such as the attack on Garissa University College.

We stand with you against terrorism, and we suffer the loss of innocent lives.  Our fervent hope is that peace will prevail over hate.

With deepest sympathy,

Joe Preston

President, Lions Clubs International

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Leo Club Awareness Month – Let’s hear a roar for Leos!

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April is Leo Club Awareness Month — an opportunity for Leos and Lions to raise awareness about the importance of engaging young people in the community through the Leo Club Program. In observance of Leo Club Awareness Month, Leos and Lions can:

  • Invite community members to learn, serve and celebrate with their clubs
  • Plan joint Leo-Lion Protecting Our Environment activities such as beach cleanups or tree plantings
  • Host a celebration for Leos, Lions and community members
  • Increase online exposure and demonstrate the impact of Leo clubs within your community using the hashtag #LeoRoar on social media

Be sure to check the Leo Club Program Facebook page for more information about the Leo Club Program and other opportunities to promote and celebrate Leo clubs.

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LCIF Provides Emergency/Disaster Relief Grants in March 2015

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When natural disasters strike, Lions are there to offer help and support. In times of need, Lions are able to rely on disaster relief grants and funds from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).

In March 2015, LCIF provided 12 emergency and disaster relief grants totaling US$113,600.

These grants are addressing immediate needs in:

Tanzania, District 411-B
$10,000 for flood relief

Wisconsin, USA, District 27-E1
$8,600 for disaster preparedness

Australia, District 201-Q4
$10,000 for fire relief

Argentina, District O-1
$10,000 for flood relief

Vanuatu, District UND
$10,000 for cyclone relief

Mexico, District B-4
$10,000 for flood relief

Macedonia, District 132
$5,000 for flood relief

Brazil, District LA-1
$10,000 for flood relief

Peru, District H-3
$10,000 for mudslide relief

Chile, District T-1
$10,000 for flood relief

Oklahoma, USA, District 3-H
$10,000 for tornado relief

Oklahoma, USA, District 3-O
$10,000 for tornado relief

*Emergency grants listed by date approved.

Emergency Grants provide up to US$10,000 for districts impacted by a natural disaster that has affected at least 100 people, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis. Lions district governors may apply for disaster relief funds to help meet immediate needs such as food, water, clothing and medical supplies. LCIF typically awards more than US$2 million in Emergency Grant funding each year.

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