The Lions Holiday Float is here!

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Today’s guest post was written by Lion Alastair McKechnie from the Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury Lions Club in England. Read about how their Santa Float has become a tradition in their community. Not even a broken tractor and missing speakers could stop their dress rehearsal! For more, visit the GMS Lions Facebook page.

The amount of times GMS Lions heard, ‘Now I know it is Christmas, the Lions Santa Float is here’ has been amazing. It reinforces that the GMS Christmas Santa has become a local tradition, it is looked forward to, adds a touch of magic to Christmas and as a by-product makes money that is used to support local needy causes.

“I can really see that this is a fabulous tradition, it raises money that is going to be used on great local causes – over forty local causes were serviced from lions funds last year – and the look and excitement on the faces of children, parents and the elderly as the Lions float went around made those made dashes back from Bristol worthwhile,” expressed Lion Al. “The amount we have raised this year is a fantastic testament to not only the Lions and their volunteers who have given up their time, but more to the generous nature of the wonderful people from Gillingham, Mere and Shaftesbury. Every penny really does count.”

We could not have done it without the determined effort from volunteers, dedicated drivers and Santa. Thank you to everyone who helped out and worked as a team to make this a memorable and fun time.

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Fundraising in Turkey

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The Izmir Gündoğdu Lions Kulübü held a fundraiser to assist children with kidney problems who are receiving dialysis. Clothing items, accessories, decorations, food and drinks were some of the items they had for sale at their tables. Their profits went to the children in the dialysis department at the Ege University Children’s Hospital.

Follow the Izmir Gündoğdu Lions on Facebook for more pictures of this event and current activities.

What types of fundraisers does your club participate in?

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LQ: Lions Embrace Another Melvin Jones

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More than 10 years ago, Lions helped establish the Melvin Jones Health Center near Trujillo, Peru. This 24 hour center sees 300 patients every day for general medicine, pediatrics, emergency care and child birth. On the day of inauguration in 2002, the first baby was born at the center. To show her thanks to the Lions, the mother named the baby Melvin Jones.

When the Trujillo El Porvenir Lions Club decided to find Melvin for the International President’s visit, they found that he was no longer in school. After meeting Melvin and hearing his story, Past International President Barry Palmer knew that the Lions could help make a difference in Melvin’s life.

Take a look at the clip above and see how the Lions helped Melvin with his education and are extending support to all children. You can watch the entire October Lions Quarterly on the Lions News Network

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Belgian Lions Assist the Visually Impaired in Bhutan through the International Assistance Grant Program

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The Muenseling Institute (MI), formerly known as the Institute for the Visually Impaired (NIVI), was established in 1973 to provide education services to visually or physically impaired children through the 12th grade. All students board at the institute in the village of Khaling.

The Lions of District 112-A in Belgium see the benefits of technology for MI students. Partnering with the Lions Club of Druk Thimphu in Bhutan, Belgian Lions raised US$25,000 to purchase and update equipment for the school. With the help of a US$25,000 International Assistance Grant (IAG) from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the Lions have big plans for these students.

The funds are being used to purchase 22 new computers and to install an information communications network in several campus buildings. Lions will also repair two old braille embossers and purchase a new one, as well as other low vision aids and tools for both students and teachers.

For more information on International Assistance grants, visit

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Walking for Peace in Kolkata

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Today’s guest post was written about the Lions of Districts 322-B1, B2 and C1. Five days after the recent school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan, the Lions organized a silent walk to promote peace. Their goal was to cultivate a spirit of understanding in people all across the globe. You can watch the video of their Walk for Peace on YouTube.

3500 citizens of the city gathered in Deshpriya Park to march together to send a clear signal of their resolve to demand peace and stay united for this cause that transcends all political borders. It demonstrated our solidarity with the devastated families of the recent shoot out and our determination to fight the menace that threatens the very fabric of human civilization.Untitled-2

It started when a couple of Lions were discussing the horrendous incident in Peshawar and wondered what they could do to protest. They spoke of their desire to organize a silent rally to demonstrate that one needs to combat terrorism by showing solidarity. Citizens of all countries wish to have a peaceful world for their children and themselves.

As Lions visited schools requesting them to participate, they were overwhelmed by the positive response received. Members of trade organizations and other NGOs expressed their desire to join us. A full page advertisement was put in the city’s largest circulated English daily to help spread the message as well as spreading the word through various social media sites. We extended an open invitation to the citizens of Kolkata to join for a cause that is so crucial to us and our future generations.


At 8:15am the Walk for Peace hit the roads of Kolkata. Heads of different religions led the march. Lions, Leos, children and members of other organizations walked together along with prominent citizens of Kolkata, sportspersons, film and TV stars, journalists and media persons.

peaceA group of International students attracted media attention, as did a group of physically challenged young boys and girls. The one kilometer line of marchers ended at the Lions Safari Park where the children were given a food box and water. The program ended with a prayer in both Bengali and Hindi, and young Yashaswi Dasani recited a heart touching poem. Tears rolled down cheeks, the citizens of Kolkata parted with a promise to work together to combat the evil force of terrorism.


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