LCIF and The Carter Center Continue to Fight Blinding Trachoma

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LCIF’s SightFirst program has awarded more than US$47 million to The Carter Center, a leader in combating trachoma. Since 1999, LCIF has awarded grants for 26 trachoma control projects in 11 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nepal, Nigeria, Senegal South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. LCIF and local Lions help distribute doses of Zithromax© (donated by Pfizer), provide education on personal hygiene, and build water wells and latrines in an effort to stop the spread of trachoma.

Recently, this partnership was featured in a webcast, part of the 2014-15 “Conversations at The Carter Center” series. Watch the webcast to see PIP Jim Ervin and Kelly Callahan, Trachoma Program Director at The Carter Center, discuss work in the field and highlight Lions’ support of trachoma control.


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Lions Recycle for Sight Month

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During the month of May,  Lions have the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of collecting eyeglasses. Millions of people living in developing countries lack the funds needed to receive proper corrective eye care. Lions sort, clean and ship the recycled eyeglass to local clubs of these countries to help correct these refractive errors. It’s time to spruce up your clubs’ collection box or establish a new collection site in your community!

Not sure where the best location is to set up your eyeglass recycling box? Get in contact with local businesses, schools, or community centers and extend the invitation to them to help your efforts by hosting a collection box. Visit our website for materials and resources to help create a successful recycling campaign.

Report your club’s activities to MyLCI, and don’t forget to share photos of your project on social media sites with the hashtag #LIONS100. We want to see your club in action making an impact in your community!

How will your club participate in Recycle for Sight Month?

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Webinar: Lionism as a Past District Governor

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Have you served as a District Governor?  Are you thinking about pursuing the position of District Governor?  Have you been any type of Lions leader?  While this webinar is tailored to address the unique challenges of Lionism as a Past District Governor, all Lions may be interested in our discussion of four avenues of continuing Lions leadership: mentor, trainer-facilitator, first supporter, and district contributor.

Along the way, we will discuss the qualities and characteristics that lead a Lion to achieve District Governorship and answer the question, “What’s next?”  for experienced Lions with time and talent, a valuable discussion for all engaged in a Lions leadership journey!

Don’t miss this last official LCI leadership webinar of the 2014-2015 Lions year!

Sign up today for one of the sessions below:

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Devastation in Nepal

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Photos taken by Lions Club of Kathmandu Gliese showing the devastation in Nepal. Much more help is needed. Please donate now via LCIF.

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Message from the Chairperson: Celebrating World Immunization Week

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Dear Lions,

I was just preparing to send my message to you when a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) immediately granted a US$100,000 Major Catastrophe grant for relief and reconstruction efforts. This is a frightening reminder that disasters occur frequently and without warning. Please consider making a donation so the Lions of Nepal can continue their service to those most in need.

World Immunization Week, April 24-30 this year, is an opportunity for Lions to continue advocating for routine immunizations alongside the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Foundation and other Lions partners. Every year, this week presents an opportunity for us to raise awareness of measles and the importance of vaccinations. Lions around the world are hosting events all week to show their commitment to the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative.

It saddens me to know that 400 people still die every day from measles, most of them children. Measles is highly contagious and can cause severe complications, including blindness. But there is a simple, cost-effective vaccine available. That is where Lions make a difference. With your help, millions of children have received this life-saving vaccine.

Keep your eye on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter account throughout the week for interesting statistics and information about immunization efforts around the world. Be sure to tag us in your own social media posts to let us know about your clubs’ activities, and search #vaccineswork to join the conversation.

Thank you for your dedication to our immunization efforts!


Barry J. Palmer
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

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