Encontrar Maneiras Inovadoras para Oferecer Assistência

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Os Leões estão conectados às suas comunidades e permanecem ativos nos esforços de socorro depois que as necessidades imediatas foram atendidas. Os subsídios de Recuperação de Comunidades oferecem recursos no valor de até US$ 20.000 para financiar os trabalhos de limpeza e reparação de curto prazo, quando outras organizações já tiverem atendido às necessidades imediatas. O objetivo é que os Leões se concentrem em grupos selecionados com necessidades específicas não atendidas onde se identificou falhas nos serviços de socorro da comunidade.

Em março de 2016, uma tempestade de granizo danificou o telhado de um hospital em uma cidade movimentada no sul do Brasil. Os vazamentos resultantes destruíram grande parte das ferramentas cirúrgicas do hospital. Os Leões do Distrito LD-6 usaram um subsídio de Recuperação de Comunidades de US$ 20.000 para substituir a máquina de anestesia danificada, máquina para detectar sinais vitais, lâmpada de cirurgia e outros equipamentos cirúrgicos.



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2016年3月、ブラジル南部の都市の病院の屋上がヒョウを伴う嵐によって損壊しました。この結果、雨漏りによって多くの手術器具が使い物にならなくなりました。ライオンズ地区 LD-6 は2万ドルの地域復興交付金を活用して麻酔装置、生体情報装置、手術ランプなどの医療機器を取り替えました。



Fortsätter att växa

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Tack vare ett anslag på USD 300 000 från NoVo Foundation har Lions Quest kunna uppdatera programmet och dess utbildningsmaterial. Som en del av projektet inledde Lions Quest ett stort införande av programmet i Eagle Mountain Saginaw (EMS) Independent School District i Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Skoldistriktet var ett av de allra första som genomförde programmet med den nya kursplanen. Det pågående samarbetet med NoVo omfattar även en vetenskaplig utvärdering av programmets effektivitet, vilket kommer att positionera Lions Quest och LCIF som ledare inom forskning och genomförande av program om socialt- och emotionellt lärande.


Touchstone Story: Community Cleanup

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Grand Junction, Colorado, 1958. The once-vibrant downtown of a small American city. Sidewalks were cracked. Parking was impossible. The streets flooded after every rainfall.

Though home to only 20,000 people, Grand Junction was a hub for commerce and medical care for as many as 200,000 Coloradans. Situated in the clear air and high desert of Colorado, Grand Junction was notable because of the beautiful mountains and wilderness visible even from downtown. However, urban blight had crept into the quaint town.

Then came Operation Foresight, with the Lions leading the charge.

A committee of seven—more than half of whom were Lions or were married to a Lion—meticulously laid out a plan to modernize and beautify 27 blocks of downtown Grand Junction. Improvements to traffic lights, water and sewer systems, streets, and sidewalks were the foundation. Four years later, traffic accidents dropped to one-sixth of what they were before Operation Foresight was launched. Coats of paint spruced up fire hydrants and buildings, and a barren four-block stretch of Main Street was turned into a new shopping area, a pedestrian-friendly, picturesque center of commerce.

Lions have a history of cleaning up their communities in ways large and small. In 1937, the Lions of Kona, Hawaii, teamed with the Boy Scouts and the local fire department to safely dispose of 92 truckloads of waste that had accumulated on the outskirts of town. Four clubs in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, teamed up in 1964 to pick up litter along a five-mile stretch of highway. In 1985, the days of thick telephone directories, the Lions clubs of Portland, Oregon, organized annual programs to collect old phone books and recycle them instead of simply throwing them out.

Lions around the world work to clean up beaches, too: The Karachi Professionals Lions Club of Pakistan led 1,000 schoolchildren in cleaning a local beach in 1994. Additionally, the Lions of Petaling Jaya Metro in Malaysia, cleaned up roadside drains in 1995 in order to keep the homes of local residents from flooding. And Lions across southern India once planted hundreds of thousands of trees in a single day.

Community cleanup means more than beautifying. It’s also about repair, closure and new beginnings. After a devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri, in 2011, causing nearly US$3 billion in damages and laying waste to entire communities, the Lions were there, partnering with the First Response Team of America to clear damaged homes and recover anything they could.

Sandy Taylor of the Joplin Lions Club put it perfectly: “That’s just what Lions do. We serve.”

Read the entire collection of Touchstone Stories at!

Lions Cleaning Up Debris

LCIF Awards Disaster Grants, January 2017

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Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) offers a variety of funding options to support various stages for disaster relief operations, including Disaster Preparedness, Emergency, Community Recovery and Major Catastrophe Grants.

For districts impacted by a natural disaster that has affected at least 100 people, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis, Emergency Grants provide up to US$10,000. Lions district governors may apply for disaster relief funds to help meet immediate needs such as food, water, clothing and medical supplies. LCIF typically awards more than US$2 million in Emergency Grant funding each year.

In January 2017, LCIF awarded 7 emergency grants totaling US$65,000. These grants are addressing immediate needs in:

Turkey, District 118-U
US$10,000 for flood relief

Thailand, District 310-B
US$5,000 for flood relief

Argentina, District O-2
US$10,000 for flood relief

Argentina, District O-1
US$10,000 for mudslide relief

Mississippi, USA, District 30-S
US$10,000 for tornado relief

Chile, District T-3
US$10,000 for wildfire relief

Georgia, USA, District 18-O
US$10,000 for tornado relief


Please consider making a donation to LCIF’s disaster fund today.

Donate to LCIF


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