Park Bench Legacy Project and Lions Clubs Bring People Together

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Not every Lions Centennial Legacy Project has to be a monumental undertaking. The Taylorsville-Winfield Lions Club in Carroll County, Maryland, for example, decided to install a beautiful oak bench in the local park for their Legacy Project.

Past district governor Kent Eitemiller, secretary of the Taylorsville-Winfield Lions Club, explains how the bench came into being. “A few years ago, Carroll County developed our very first park, and the park director came and spoke at our club. He offered us the opportunity to add a Lions marker to the new park, and we unanimously agreed to provide a bench with our club name and logo on it.”

Nestled on more than 100 acres, Krimgold Park boasts several ball fields, open pavilions, a playground, four evergreen-lined ponds, a scenic walking path and a beaver that calls the park home. And now, there’s a comfortable, inviting Lions bench situated directly across from the playground where parents and grandparents can relax and enjoy spending time with their little ones.

“Installing a bench with our name on it was a way of letting residents know that our Lions club is here and is actively helping people,” said Linda Brady, club president. “We serve a lot of needs in the community, from hosting ice cream socials at assisted living facilities to providing eyeglasses, food and medical equipment. We recently helped a 20-year-old paraplegic man purchase a hospital bed that would accommodate his six foot frame.

“When you look around and see the hardships others are experiencing, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to give them a hand. Our park bench adds a lot to the community—and is an invitation for people to join us so that, together, we can help even more neighbors in need.”

A bench is a welcome addition to any setting, whether it’s a bustling city or serene suburb. Benches bring people together. Which is exactly what Lions clubs do the world around, every day. What could be a more lasting legacy than that?

Design a Legacy Project that fits your club and your community. Start planning yours today!



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“我感謝這個合作努力,讓流離失所的社區家園和學校,能解決困難局面。”– Marta Lafuente, 巴拉圭教育部


Encontrar Maneiras Inovadoras para Oferecer Assistência

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Os Leões estão conectados às suas comunidades e permanecem ativos nos esforços de socorro depois que as necessidades imediatas foram atendidas. Os subsídios de Recuperação de Comunidades oferecem recursos no valor de até US$ 20.000 para financiar os trabalhos de limpeza e reparação de curto prazo, quando outras organizações já tiverem atendido às necessidades imediatas. O objetivo é que os Leões se concentrem em grupos selecionados com necessidades específicas não atendidas onde se identificou falhas nos serviços de socorro da comunidade.

Em março de 2016, uma tempestade de granizo danificou o telhado de um hospital em uma cidade movimentada no sul do Brasil. Os vazamentos resultantes destruíram grande parte das ferramentas cirúrgicas do hospital. Os Leões do Distrito LD-6 usaram um subsídio de Recuperação de Comunidades de US$ 20.000 para substituir a máquina de anestesia danificada, máquina para detectar sinais vitais, lâmpada de cirurgia e outros equipamentos cirúrgicos.



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2016年3月、ブラジル南部の都市の病院の屋上がヒョウを伴う嵐によって損壊しました。この結果、雨漏りによって多くの手術器具が使い物にならなくなりました。ライオンズ地区 LD-6 は2万ドルの地域復興交付金を活用して麻酔装置、生体情報装置、手術ランプなどの医療機器を取り替えました。



Fortsätter att växa

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Tack vare ett anslag på USD 300 000 från NoVo Foundation har Lions Quest kunna uppdatera programmet och dess utbildningsmaterial. Som en del av projektet inledde Lions Quest ett stort införande av programmet i Eagle Mountain Saginaw (EMS) Independent School District i Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Skoldistriktet var ett av de allra första som genomförde programmet med den nya kursplanen. Det pågående samarbetet med NoVo omfattar även en vetenskaplig utvärdering av programmets effektivitet, vilket kommer att positionera Lions Quest och LCIF som ledare inom forskning och genomförande av program om socialt- och emotionellt lärande.


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