LQ: Jamaica Reforestation

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The Kingston Mona Lion Club took notice of a major problem in Jamaica–the loss of forest cover. Without the protection of these forests, heavy rainfall would cause land slippages that polluted the area and the sea. For more than 10 years, the Lion partnered with the Jamaica Forestry Department to reforest and maintain nearly 52 hectares of land.

Check out the video above to see how the Lions of Jamaica are educating their community about the importance of reforestation. You can watch the entire April Lions Quarterly on the Lions News Network.

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LCIF Awards Disaster Relief Grants in April 2015

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When natural disasters strike, Lions are there to offer help and support. In times of need, Lions are able to rely on disaster relief grants and funds from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Emergency Grants provide up to US$10,000 for districts impacted by a natural disaster that has affected at least 100 people, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

In April 2015, LCIF provided 10 emergency and disaster relief grants totaling US$90,000.

These grants are addressing immediate needs in:

Brazil, District LA-5Lions distribute relief materials
$10,000 for flood relief

Philippines, District 301-C
$5,000 for typhoon relief

Illinois, USA, District 1-D
$10,000 for tornado relief

Paraguay, District M-2
$10,000 for windstorm relief

Micronesia, District 204
$10,000 for typhoon relief

Bangladesh, District 315-B3
$5,000 for flood relief

Dem. Rep. of Congo, District 409
$10,000 for wildfire relief

Colombia, District F-2
$10,000 for avalanche relief

Brazil, District LD-8
$10,000 for tornado relief

Pakistan, District 305-N2
$10,000 for cyclone relief

LCIF also awarded a US$100,000 major catastrophe grant in response to the earthquake in Nepal. When disasters occur on a much larger scale, Major Catastrophe grants are awarded for long-term reconstruction projects. These grants provide significant funds for catastrophes with major international impact, such as the Japan earthquake and tsunami, China and Haiti earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina and the South Asia tsunami.

Click here to see other grants approved by LCIF in April 2015.

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The Founding Video Now Available in All Languages

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The first in a series of centennial videos from Lions Clubs International is now available in all languages! Watch this short video about the origins of our association and the important events that helped shape LCI in its first years.

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Read the May LION Magazine

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In the May LION Magazine, Little League began as the perfect spring sport for kids. But many people don’t know about its major connection to Lions Clubs International. Find out more in this retrospective look at a worldwide phenomenon that has shaped and strengthened youths for decades. Also:

In the Digital LION, watch a video on Lions Clubs International’s essay contest for youths – and read more about the special middle-schooler who won; see a Centennial video recounting the impact of founder Melvin Jones; and find out more about the “Hawaiian shirt challenge” coming up at the international convention.

Visit the LION Magazine page to contact editors, view past issues and listen to audio versions of the magazine.

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LCIF and The Carter Center Continue to Fight Blinding Trachoma

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LCIF’s SightFirst program has awarded more than US$47 million to The Carter Center, a leader in combating trachoma. Since 1999, LCIF has awarded grants for 26 trachoma control projects in 11 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nepal, Nigeria, Senegal South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda. LCIF and local Lions help distribute doses of Zithromax© (donated by Pfizer), provide education on personal hygiene, and build water wells and latrines in an effort to stop the spread of trachoma.

Recently, this partnership was featured in a webcast, part of the 2014-15 “Conversations at The Carter Center” series. Watch the webcast to see PIP Jim Ervin and Kelly Callahan, Trachoma Program Director at The Carter Center, discuss work in the field and highlight Lions’ support of trachoma control.


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