LCIF Partners with UNODC

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Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) proudly partners with corporations, foundations and many other organizations and governments that share our dedication to improving lives. Working with partners to leverage our shared resources allows LCIF and Lions to have a greater impact around the world.

In keeping with that humanitarian spirit, LCIF is now in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on a pilot project in Serbia. The UNODC has a global drug prevention program (known as GLO-K01) that includes creating and sharing drug prevention guidelines, as well as conducting family- and school-based prevention training. That’s where LCIF comes in! Lions Quest is the UNODC’s first school-based prevention partner.

As the first private/NGO funder of the project, LCIF awarded US$100,000 to begin the collaboration in Serbia, which is currently underway. To date, more than 75 teachers have been trained to implement the program with more than 1,300 students. The project is important not only to Lions Quest but also to the global drug prevention community. Lions know that Lions Quest curriculum builds pro-social skills to enhance drug prevention among youth. This project in Serbia is an opportunity to show the world the impact local volunteers can have when they team up with Lions Quest. The program has been so successful that, in January, the Lions Quest Advisory Committee approved $250,000 in additional funding to expand the program to neighboring countries.

Remember, the success of Lions Quest depends on the commitment of Lions to support their local programs. Click here to learn how all Lions can support Lions Quest locally, and look for updates on the UNODC project in coming months!

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Leo Hunger Ride Challenge

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Over 50 Leo clubs in Sri Lanka have participated in the Leo Hunger Ride Challenge, organized by the Marawila Chilaw Marians Leo Club. As part of the challenge, Leo clubs distribute homemade lunches to victims of hunger in their communities and generate awareness by challenging other Leo clubs to participate. The goal of the project is to serve 100,000 people suffering from hunger around the world. So far, Leo clubs have served approximately 20,000 through the campaign.

Leos around the world can participate in the challenge. Be sure to use the name “Leo Hunger Ride Challenge” in your own campaigns and share your nomination videos on the Leo Hunger Ride Challenge Facebook page.

See the campaign in action with this nomination video from the University of Moratuwa Leos.

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Delivering Merck River Blindness Medicine

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“George W. Merck believed that medicine should be for the people, not for the profits. As a company, Merck continually strives to live up to this challenge. This is why we are proud to partner with Lions Clubs International Foundation through the MECTIZAN Donation Program, fighting river blindness in Africa and Latin America. LCIF is a trusted partner in this groundbreaking program, and their commitment ensures that patients in even the most remote areas are able to receive the best available treatment.” –Kenneth M. Gustavsen, Manager, Global Product Donations, Merck & Co., Inc.

Providing the medicine that will stop river blindness

Onchocerciasis, or “river blindness,” is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness worldwide. It is transmitted by a fly that infects people with a parasite that spreads throughout the body, eventually causing blindness. A total of 120 million people are at risk for the disease and half a million are already blind from it, primarily in Africa and rural Central and South America.

For more than 20 years Merck & Co., Inc., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has been helping to eradicate river blindness through the donation of Mectizan®—the only well-tolerated drug known to halt the development of the disease. Merck has worked with numerous partners to reach the people who need treatment, including involving the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF, The Carter Center, various ministries of health, non-governmental development organizations and local communities.

153 million treatments so far, with many more to come

One of Merck’s strongest allies has been Lions and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). To date, Merck has donated just over 153 million treatments of Mectizan® to LCIF, making the program the longest-running medicine donation commitment in history. Not only have so many people been spared from this debilitating disease, but river blindness is on its way to being an affliction of the past; two Latin American countries—Colombia and Ecuador—have announced its complete eradication, and more countries are to follow. Merck and LCIF remain committed to this goal until it is achieved.

“Colombia’s successful effort in halting onchocerciasis transmission is a landmark achievement in public health,” said Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Founder of The Carter Center. “This remarkable progress would not be possible without the dedicated health workers and volunteers working at the community level and the invaluable public-private partnership with Merck and the Mectizan® Donation Program.”

From LCIF: Our Impact Story Archives

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Lions Continues Historic Partnership with United Nations

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Lions and the United Nations share a partnership that goes back seventy years. Lions Clubs International continued this tradition by hosting its 37th annual Lions Day with the United Nations at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City on March 7th.

Nearly 500 Lions, including International President Joe Preston, traveled from over 30 countries to New York to meet with U.N. leaders for the day-long summit. This year’s theme of Children in Need focused Lions and U.N. leaders on issues affecting youth around the world.

“Lions have worked alongside the United Nations to promote the health, safety and well-being of people around the world,” said Lions Clubs International President Joe Preston. “I’m happy that we can come together once again to discuss solutions to the challenges we’ll face as we work toward a brighter future.

Lions were also joined by more than 20 U.N. ambassadors, including the Honorable Macharia Kamau of Kenya. “I have worked with UNICEF around the world, and everywhere and every time we work, there are Lions,” said Ambassador Kamau. “The work Lions do, the effort that comes together to transform the lives of people around the world, particularly the most vulnerable, is wonderful.”

10484925_10153060062667492_3786986520916686152_oHighlights from the Lions Day with the United Nations included:

Lions’ collaboration with the United Nations dates back to 1945 when Lion leaders were asked to help develop the non-governmental charter for the U.N. Since then, Lions have collaborated on many successful humanitarian ventures, including the Sight First program, which has helped restore sight, prevent blindness and provide vision services to millions of people worldwide.10869631_10153060059172492_7012726181660127304_o

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How to Apply for an LCIF Standard Grant

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Your Lions district or multiple district is making an impact in your community every day. Did you know that a Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) standard grant can help extend your reach if there is a need for construction or major equipment in your community?

Standard grants provide matching capital funds from US$10,0000 to US$100,000 for equipment and infrastructure needs, and are the most common type of grant awarded by LCIF. Typical projects include mobile health units, hospices, nursing homes, medical units, homes for street children, blind and disabled centers, eye clinics, guide dog facilities and schools in developing countries. If your district or multiple district has identified a large-scale humanitarian project, learn How to Apply for an LCIF Standard Grant.



Then submit your Standard Grant Application. Remember, the LCIF Board of Trustees reviews all eligible standard grant applications three times per year. Applications must be received at least 60 days prior to the scheduled board meeting and meet all criteria to be considered. Applications are due by April 29, 2015 for review at the June 2015 Board meeting.

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