#LionsBusTour Fall 2016 Recap

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From September 18 to October 1, 2016, the Lions Centennial Bus visited 20 states, Washington, D.C., and two Canadian provinces, promoting the Lions Centennial celebration. During the tour, IP Bob Corlew inducted new members, chartered clubs and participated in Lions projects.

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11 Ways to Recruit New Members

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Lions are dedicated to service. Our motto, “we serve,” says it all. Each new member impacts the lives of 70 people annually, so the more we invite the more we can serve.

Below are 11 recruitment resources your club can use to help invite for impact this October. From webinars to brochures, we have a variety of assets to help you get started!

1. Just Ask!

Imagine if every Lion asked just 1 person to join their club – think of how many people we could serve. All it takes is asking one family member, friend or neighbor. Download the Just Ask Guide today and see helpful tips to ask one!

2. Engage through Service

Lions around the world are preparing for our Worldwide Week of Service on October 10-16. Host a project in your community that addresses visual impairments, such as a vision screening. Be sure to have flyers, membership applications and brochures available for community members to learn more about Lions Clubs International.

3. Host a Membership Drive

PCC Ron Seybold recently told webinar listeners all about how his multiple district conducts membership drives. Listen to the whole webinar here, and find the resources he found useful below:

4. Review the “Ohio Plan”

Read our blog post about the Tri-Village Lions Club (13-F Ohio), and see how they grew their club by 60% and decreased the average member age by 15 years. If you want to learn even more about the Tri-Village Lions Clubs and hear specific examples of how they grew membership, listen to our webinar, “5 Ways to Boost Member Satisfaction

5. Keep Members Happy

The Tri-Village Lions Club didn’t just gain members by asking new members, they also kept the members they had happy. Everyone has a different reason for joining a club; make sure you’re nurturing your members. Review our Membership Satisfaction guide for more information.

6. Create a Campaign of “100 Reasons to be a Lion”

When you’ve talked to your members using the Membership Satisfaction guide and learned why they became a Lion, consider creating a list (as suggested in our Ways to Celebrate flyer) of 100 reasons to become a Lion. Share the list on your club webpage and social media. Here are a few reasons to become a Lion:

  • Help impact lives all over the world
  • Make an impact on your community
  • Meet new friends (and maybe your future spouse!)

7. Utilize Social Media

Let everyone know the great things your club has been up to by using social media to your advantage. Listen to the webinar put on by SMiLE and LCI’s marketing team to learn more, or view the infographic for a quick guide on how to increase your clubs social media engagement.

8. Utilize Traditional Media

Social media isn’t the only way to get your club noticed. When you’re hosting and event, or celebrating the success of another impactful event, consider publicizing in your local paper. Download our half-page ad to get started.

9. Celebrate 100 years!

Our 100th anniversary is a time to let the world know how much Lions have impacted the globe over the last 100 years. Look at our Lions 100 Toolbox to find posters, flyers and more ways to advertise your club, and our Centennial celebration!

10. Apply for a Membership Development Grant

Target marketing initiatives that focus on new areas of opportunity and utilize new marketing techniques to start new clubs and grow membership. Lions Clubs International offers Membership Development Grant opportunities to clubs all over the world.

11. Remember the Value of One

One new member can make a big difference. Listen to the marketing team’s webinar, “The Value of One” to hear how Lions are recruiting in their communities.


Help for Haiti in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

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When disaster strikes, Lions are often among the first to offer help to the victims, even though they are often victims themselves. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is right there beside them, ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through Lions disaster relief programs. Working together, LCIF, local Lions and Lions leaders assess the urgent needs and quickly deliver the aid most required by victims.

This grassroots model has proven effective in tragedies around the world. Lions know that disaster can affect any community, whether it’s halfway around the world or right at home. That’s why, over the last 10 years, LCIF has provided more than US$100 million for disaster relief programs worldwide.

Thanks to the support Lions provide to LCIF on an ongoing basis, Emergency Grants are available to provide for basic immediate needs including food, water, clothing and medicine. We have learned from experience that when a disaster victim receives aid quickly, it provides strength needed to survive the shock and loss and may even give a little hope for the future.

Children wade through a flooded river in Haiti

Children wade through a flooded river in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew affected the entire Caribbean nation, destroying the western edge. More than 1,000 Haitians have perished and thousands have been left homeless.  Many of the main roads are impassible and many bridges have been washed away. Food and drinking water are in short supply and many of those who need aid the most are still waiting for it to arrive.

The Lions of Haiti quickly sprung to action and requested assistance from LCIF. LCIF awarded an initial US$10,000 Emergency grant to Haiti to address immediate needs of disaster victims. Twenty Lions and 10 Leos from Port-au-Prince traveled to Petit-Goâve to work with clubs there. Together, they have distributed 550 relief kits to residents. Communication networks have been leveled in Petit-Goâve and the main bridge into the town has been destroyed.

This week, Lions are packing up to 1,500 kits of food and medicine to be distributed in Les Cayes. The Pacific Disaster Center estimates that more than 90 percent of buildings in Les Cayes were completely or severely damaged by the storm.

The situation is dire, but Lions are working to bring supplies and hope to their neighbors. You can show your support for Lions and their work by making a donation to LCIF’s disaster relief fund. Donate to LCIF



Help LCIF Log Some Charity Miles!

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LCIF is proud to partner with Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies (JJVCC) to provide Sight for Kids. The Sight for Kids program has reached more than 23 million school children in low income communities since its launch in 2002. The program is run by local Lions clubs and works with local eye care professionals to train more than 142,000 school teachers and volunteers to promote eye health and screen children’s vision. Through this model, Sight for Kids has been effective in leveraging Lions and JJVCC support to raise local eye health awareness and identify, refer, and correct visual impairment in school children.

Since our International Convention in June, Lions have been walking, running and cycling to raise money for Sight for Kids with the Charity Miles app. So far, you Lions have walked an astonishing 9,096 miles. That’s equal to the distance from Fukuoka to Amsterdam. Way to go, Lions! Keep walking to show your support of Sight for Kids, and stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

Charity Miles flyer


LCIF logo

Response to Hurricane Matthew

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Dear Lions,

Both LCI and LCIF, as well as Lions in the affected Hurricane Matthew areas, are assessing the greatest need in the aftermath of destruction.  So far, LCIF has approved emergency grants in the amount of US$10,000 each for district F4 (Columbia),  R1 and R3 (Domincan Republic), and Haiti.  As the hurricane continues up the coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, and damage is assessed there, we expect more requests for emergency assistance.  LCIF is standing by and ready to authorize grant requests.

Our centennial motto “Where There’s A Need, There’s A Lion” could not be more appropriate than in times of natural disasters when local Lions on the ground in disaster areas are able to put actions plans in place to provide much needed first response supplies of food, water, temporary shelter, and clothing.

As always, your generous donations to LCIF enable us to respond swiftly wherever and whenever the need exists.

I know you join me in keeping all the victims of this latest natural disaster in your thoughts and prayers.


Bob Corlew

Please consider making a donation to LCIF’s disaster fund today.

Donate to LCIF


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