Restoring Hope Transplant House will more than triple the available rooms for transplant patients in Madison, Wisconsin.

Lions’ Compassion Helps Expand Transplant House in Wisconsin

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Imagine you need a kidney transplant—imagine the anxiety and stress of putting your health in someone else’s hands. Now imagine traveling to a new city to get the operation, knowing you don’t have—or can’t afford—a place to stay during your recovery.

This is the situation facing many people who travel to Madison, Wisconsin, for transplant operations at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and lack the resources or social connections to secure housing while they’re in town. Transplants are complex surgical procedures that typically require significant time for recovery and preparation, so having a place to stay is essential to a successful operation.

Thankfully, there’s hope.

Since January 2013, Restoring Hope Transplant House (RHTH) has been a home away from home for patients who are in the Madison area to receive medical transplants. The home provides up to six weeks of temporary housing for transplant patients—and their adult family members and caregivers—in an environment that offers compassion and supports healing.

And it works. In fact, it works so well that there often aren’t enough beds for potential residents.

After learning that the house was experiencing weeks at a time without vacancy, the Lions from Multiple District 27 D1 decided to help. In addition to fundraising, Lions secured a $75,000 Standard grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to help fund an expansion of RHTH.

The first phase of RHTH’s expansion plan, completed in the summer, includes the renovation of the current patient rooms to include double and twin-sized beds, as well as the improvement of a community kitchen, on-site laundry and other amenities.

With the second phase of the expansion plan, set to begin in the near future, RHTH hopes to expand its capacity from five private rooms to 16, dramatically increasing its ability to serve patients in need.

After years of fundraising and with contributions from 10 different districts, Lions’ and LCIF’s contributions have helped RHTH secure more than $200,000 of the more than $1 million required for the expansion.

“We are so grateful for [Lions’] support of transplant families and Restoring Hope Transplant House,” says Cindy Herbst, executive director and co-founder of RHTH. “We are beyond words with your extremely generous donation that will allow us to expand this home. The stories of our guests are moving and powerful. Having the Lions as partners gives us greater courage, resolve, compassion and energy to do the right thing in serving others.”

For information on Standard grants and to find out how your Lions club can apply, visit

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of LION Magazine.

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Lions in the Philippines are Heroes for Hope

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The Quezon City Kawilihan Lions Club, along with the local Leos, recently held a “Heroes for Hope” activity. Dressed in fun and inspiring costumes, the Lions and Leos brightened the days of those staying at the hospital — especially the children. Sometimes even the simplest act can make a big impact.

Lions Clubs International

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Lions of Mexico distribute relief materials

LCIF Awards Disaster Grants, October 2015

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When natural disasters strike, Lions are there to offer help and support. In times of need, Lions are able to rely on disaster relief grants and funds from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Emergency grants provide up to US$10,000 for districts impacted by a natural disaster that has affected at least 100 people, including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

In October 2015, LCIF awarded 17 emergency and disaster relief grants totaling US$150,000. These grants are addressing immediate needs in:

Japan, District 332-D
$10,000 for flood relief

Japan, District 333-E
$10,000 for flood relief

North Carolina, USA, District 31-N
$10,000 for flood relief

Florida, USA, District 35-N
$10,000 for hurricane relief

South Carolina, USA, District 32-D
$10,000 for flood relief

South Carolina, USA, District 32-CLCIF Typhoon Haiyan (134) (1)
$10,000 for flood relief

Sri Lanka, District 306-C2
$5,000 for landslide relief

Wyoming, USA, District 15
$10,000 for wildfire relief

Philippines, District 301-C
$5,000 for typhoon relief

Philippines, District 301-D1
$5,000 for typhoon relief

Philippines, District 301-D2
$5,000 for typhoon relief

Brazil, District LD-3
$10,000 for flood relief

Mexico, District B-8
$10,000 for flood relief

Mexico, District B-4
$10,000 for hurricane relief

Italy, District 108-YA
$10,000 for flood relief

Brazil, District LD-5
$10,000 for flood relief

France, District 103-CC
$10,000 for flood relief


LQ: Leo Senior Prom

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“This is a prime example that we have great kids, and if you just give them the right activities to do, they’re going to build to be those leaders — and hopefully, those future Lions as well.”

The Shepard High School Leo Club organizes the prom every year at their high school. But instead of inviting their fellow classmates, they invite senior citizens in their community. The event provides an opportunity to connect the gap between generations, allowing the Leos to see that their older guests can still be kids at heart, while the older generation gains a greater respect for youth.

Watch the above Lions Quarterly video segment to see how community service is helping these young people develop into tomorrow’s leaders. You can also download the entire Lions Quarterly to share at your next meeting or event.


Lions of Turkey Team up with LCIF to Support Refugees

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Edirne 6The Lions of District 118-E have recently been awarded a US$26,000 grant for refugee assistance. The Lions plan to establish a school for refugee children, giving them access to basic education and computer skills. They will also support the nutrition and hygiene needs of 100 families for two months.

The Lions of Turkey are working with the Human Sources Foundation, an NGO in partnership with the UNHCR, to start a basic education classroom and computer learning classroom in two empty rooms in a community center which has extended its services to refugees in the area. Currently, the center provides refugees with basic needs such as food, clothing, and hygiene goods, along with counseling, legal services, and leisure activities.

The grant will be used, in part, to purchase 30 student desks and chairs, a teacher’s desk and chair, blackboards, and cabinets. The classroom will serve 60 students in two shifts each day.  They will purchase 20 computers, 20 computer tables and chairs, printers, modems and lay down the electrical infrastructure for this room. This classroom will serve 40 young adults in two shifts each day.

They will purchase 1,000 student kits each containing two notebooks, six pencils, an eraser and a ruler. Each of the 100 students will receive a kit. The remaining kits will be distributed to other schools and community centers educating refugee children in the area.

Finally they plan to purchase goods to restock the center’s inventory to be able to distribute basic food and hygiene materials twice a month for two months to 100 families at the center.

If your District or Multiple District is interested in providing assistance to refugees, you can contact LCIF to find out how to request funds for local relief projects.


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