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Lions Conduct Sight for Kids Screenings

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Today’s photo features Lions in the Philippines providing vision screenings to local children. The La Union (Host) Lions Club, La Union (LD) and San Fernando (LU) Lions Clubs conducted a joint Sight for Kids project. Over 700 children were screened; 45 students were found with eye defects and were refracted right away.

Focused on serving Asia, The LCIF and Johnson & Johnson Sight for Kids program has screened more than 17 million children over the past 10 years. Thanks to the Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo campaign, which ends today, over 23,000 more children received eye exams in the past six months. Thank you, Lions and Leos, for donating your photos to help support Sight for Kids. Every photo you donated helped save a child’s sight!

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Lions in the Headlines

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Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.
  • AUSTRALIA: Minnamurra Lions Club host a “Spare a Kiss for MS” event to bring in an expected $9,500.
  • NEW ZEALAND: Six local Lions clubs contribute to purchasing special chairs for nursing mothers for the neo-natal ward at Taranaki Base Hospital.
  • WISCONSIN, USA: Baraboo Lions Club and other community organizations team up to help area kids and adults understand their risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • PENNSYLVANNIA, USA: Millersville Lions Club contributes $4,760 to three households affected by a sewer line break  late last year.
  • BAHAMAS: The Freeport Lions Club prepares to train dogs as hearing guides.
Has your Lions club been featured in the local news recently? Share your story!

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Lions Email Etiquette: To BCC or Not

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We’ve all been there: Someone sends a message to a large group of people and adds everyone’s email address in the “To” field, and then we have to endure a wave responses, and replies to those responses, and the body of every ensuing reply is littered with large blocks of email addresses.

When should we use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) instead of using the “To” field?

If sending an email to a group of people who should all be privy to the replies (i.e., Reply to All), then use the “To” field. Seldom is there a need for this. Usually, messages sent to a large group of people are one way communications – sender to recipient – with no need for reply.

Using the BCC only displays a single recipient’s email address – the one receiving the message – not all recipients who were in the BCC. Doing so also lessens the possibility of future spam for your recipients.

BCC Helps Protect Your Computer

Some viruses will send an email to every address in an infected computer’s email messages and contact list. If a message is read on a computer with an email virus, it could spam every address it finds associated with that account. By using the BCC field, the only addresses a virus will find associated with that message are the sender’s and the recipient’s (not everyone else in the BCC field, because those addresses do not display).

There is no magic cutoff as to the maximum number of addresses before switching from the “To” field to BCC. It’s subjective, depending on the intent of the message. Rule of thumb, if you’re sending a message to two or more people, and there is no need for a reply (or only you need to see the replies), use the BCC.

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Palmer’s Blog: Teaching Life Skills in France

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This week while in France, I visited the Institut des Parons in Aix en Provence. It’s a wonderful organization that works with persons at all ages of life who have intellectual disabilities. In addition to care and accommodation, the organization provides training to help people learn skills to better their future and follow their dreams. I snapped the photo above of the pottery that students make at home and sell to the public. Students also learn to swim as a part of their education.

Thank you to the Lions of Multiple District 103 for a lovely time in France!

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A Lifelong Lion

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Carlos Justiniano has been a Lion for 31 years, but his connection to Lions clubs goes back even farther: “I come from a family of Lions. My father would bring me to Lions’ events when I was young, so it was natural for me to become a Lion.”

A growing commitment to LCIF

Although Justiniano had been a Lion for many years, he became familiar with LCIF’s work during his year as district governor. “I learned about the many grant programs that LCIF has to extend the reach of districts and clubs and their service projects. Then as an international director, I learned how LCIF helps Lions all over the world. During a visit to Kenya, I saw with my own eyes people who walked 20 – 30 miles to get assistance at the Lions hospital there. The gratitude in their smiles convinced me of the importance of LCIF,” he said.

Wishing to increase his dedication to LCIF, Justiniano became a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow (PMJF). After giving an initial US$1,000 donation to become a Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF), Lions can extend their commitment with additional PMJF gifts of up to US$100,000. At each US$1,000 level, Lions receive a unique pin.

Inspiring other Lions

Because he wants other Lions to join the three generations of his family who are now MJFs, Justiniano has even helped other Lions reach this goal. “I believe that a Lion is a more complete part of the Lion family when he or she is a Melvin Jones Fellow. As I traveled to Lions events, I made this offer:  I would donate US$200 toward a person’s MJF if that person would promise to complete the donation with US$800.  In this way, I helped Lions in seven or eight different countries to become MJFs.”

Justiniano recognizes that LCIF helps extend Lions’ reach across the globe, while bringing the world a little closer together. “It is important to remember that LCIF helps us to serve beyond our local community. LCIF also helps us to serve our local community when we need it most.”

Carlos Justiniano
Past International Director
Mayaguez Lions Club
District 51-O, Puerto Rico

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