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Webinar: Family and Community Engagement

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By working in collaborations with other organizations, Lions can make the most of existing resources to help have the greatest impact on their local and global communities. That’s why Lions have partnered with such organizations as Scholastic, USAID, Bookshare and more as a part of the Reading Action Program.

Be sure to join us for a special one-hour Family and Community Engagement webinar* on December 16 and 17, 2013, during which you can learn about our partnership with Scholastic under the Reading Action Program. Special guest presenter Jackie Harvey, Director of Community and District Wide Partnerships at Scholastic, will discuss how your club can work with schools, families and communities to ensure every child has an opportunity to reach their full potential and follow his or her dreams.

Click on one of the links below to register today!

*These webinars are intended for U.S. Lions.

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Palmer’s Blog: My Visit to Hiroshima

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When I’m not attending Lions events and projects, I often have time to tour the beautiful cities around the world that I have the privilege of traveling to. Last week, I was in Hiroshima, the site of the atomic bombing during World War II. I had the pleasure of meeting the mayor of Hiroshima, pictured above, who is responsible for the Mayors for Peace Program.

Below are a few more images from my trip: the stunning view from our hotel room; the dome building at the Peace Park, which was one of the few building to remain standing after the bomb; and a school that was built by Australian troops two years after the war.

I’m currently back in Australia. Next stop: the ISAAME Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal!




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Your Feedback: Increasing Membership

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A Lion from a small town asked the following question on Facebook:

We are a small town and we have only 14 active members. What are some ideas for increasing membership?

Here is how Lions responded:

  • Lion Jim – Forget emphasizing meeting attendance. Younger generation Lions HATE meetings — they want to do service! It’s an outdated concept. Meetings have become far more irrelevant in today’s age of mass communication. When you do have a Lions meeting, make it special, important & fun! Otherwise, forget separate stand-alone Lions meetings. Instead, take 30 minutes AFTER your service project, sit around over a quick bite & beverages, and go over club business while members are already pumped after doing something good for the community.
  • Diana Kroells – I agree with the younger ones not wanting to do meetings — boring ones anyway. We conduct almost all of our business at the board meeting and then the other meeting is a social event with a guest speaker. Attendance is optional and we never have less than 85% attendance.
  • Fred Ackley - Start a Facebook page and let people in town know what the club does. Newsletter. Make a list of project, activities and what you gave $$ to. Post it around town.
  • Carol ‘Caz’ Moreton – We are starting a “Friends of” group as we have lots of people with skills we need that help us for specific activities but won’t commit to joining at the minute. We are hoping that by publicly acknowledging them and socializing with them, they will only need a final nudge.
  • Marion Katherine Smith – We are a small club in a small town with 15 members. If you want to accomplish something, then do it. We all signed up to be a Lion in order to serve our community. Yes, some members do more than others but it will always be that way. More members will not necessarily produce more active members. A gentle reminder to the membership about why they signed up can generate a whole new renewal of interest.
  • Paul E. Palmer – Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Print up a few hundred brochures from Int’l website. Give each member 20 of them and challenge them to give out 1 every day to someone. Reward everyone for a good deed done. Advertise every event with a picture in the local newspaper.
  • Erik Witt – Challenge each current member to try and reqruit just 1 new member during the next year.
  • Chris Oberlander – Be seen! When you are out doing community work, wear your Lions gear. Ask – it costs nothing to ask someone if they would like to join, they can only say “No” or “Yes”.
  • Jennifer Mahnic – I noticed that people are busy, and they don’t want to join if they know they have to be accountable for every meeting/event. So we make them comfortable that they come when they have the time and support the causes they can. Being flexible has helped grow our club.
  • Pat Richardson – Leverage your small town advantages. A local weekly newspaper is easier to get your club publicized than a club in a big city where the news is frequently published by a big daily owned by some out of state corporation. Also, remember that your 14 members on a percentage basis is a big club when comparing the population served. Making sure the population knows about your club and what you are doing is the key. If what you are doing isn’t visible, make it so. The Lions emblem on a “Welcome to Our Town” sign can be a start.
Join the conversation! What do you suggest for increasing Lions membership in a small town?

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Peace Poster Contest Deadline Approaching

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Lions International Peace Poster Contest judging at the club and district levels has begun! Don’t forget the following deadlines:

  • December 1, 2013: Postmark deadline for single districts and clubs not belonging to a district to submit one entry to International Headquarters Public Relations Department.
  • December 15, 2013: Postmark deadline for multiple district council chairs to submit one winning entry to International Headquarters Public Relations Department.

Before submitting entries advancing to the next round of judging, take a photo and promote your local winning poster via:

  • Social media. Share photos of your Peace Poster contest and winning posters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Club and district publications. Include a story in your club newsletter.
  • Local media outlets. Contact your local newspaper, news channels and radio stations with information about your Peace Poster Contest.

Find more information on the Peace Poster on the LCI site. See photos of Peace Poster Contests from around the world here.

Is your club participating in the Peace Poster Contest this year?

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Lions in the Headlines

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Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.
  • POLAND: Lions clubs in Krakow provide vision impaired singers opportunity to perform at local festival.
  • INDIA: Lions District 324-B1 provide free diabetes screenings for over 36,000 people.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Droitwich Lions Club street collection raises thousands for typhoon victims.
  • TEXAS, USA: Cleveland Lions Club donates to local leader dog program.
  • AUSTRALIA: Bega Lions Club comes though for local student with hearing disability.
Has your Lions club been featured in the local news recently? Share your story!

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