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Regional Leo Events Recap

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Leo forums and conferences are held across the globe to bring Leos and Lions together for discussion on improving service activities, strengthening the Leo-Lion relationship and raising awareness about Leo clubs. Below are just some of the regional Leo events that have taken place so far this year.

ELAC (Leo Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean)
Date:    August 7-11, 2013
Location:    Guayaquil, Ecuador
Approximately 120 Leos and Lions in attendance from 12 countries to the 33rd annual event. The event included a Leo speech competition, discussions on the challenges facing the Leo program in Latin America, and a service activity that encouraged healthy hygiene among elementary students.

LEF (Leo Europa Forum)
Date:    August 10-17, 2013
Location:    Himos, Finland
121 participants from 20 countries to the 38th annual event. The theme of the forum was Sustainable Development. The 2013 LEF included several workshops about sustainable development as well as service activities focusing on accessibility for disabled persons and disabled athletes.

OSEAL Leo Conference
Date:    November 9, 2013
Location:    Singapore
The conference was held during the 2013 OSEAL Forum and included a keynote address by PIP Habanananda, a town hall panel discussion, as well as opening and closing sessions. The event focused on several themes: the Leo to Lion transition, the Leo/Lion relationship, and the 2013-14 International President’s theme.

ISAAME Leo Symposium
Date:    December 8, 2013
Location:    Kathmandu, Nepal
The event was held in conjunction with the 2013 ISAAME Forum. Presentations covered topics such as leadership, strategies to strengthen the Leo-Lion partnership, raising awareness of the Leo Club Program, and service activities for Leos.

Have you attended a Leo forum or conference this year? Share your story in the comments below!

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Lions Clubs International

Palmer’s Blog: What’s Your Everest?

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At the ISAAME Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal over the weekend, I had the honor of meeting six of the 10 Nepalese women who followed their dream by conquering Mt. Everest. And now, they’re following a new dream: To climb the highest peak in each of the seven continents! They’ve already got four down and three to go. These women are truly an inspiration to Lions everywhere.

Lions, I encourage you to find your Everest and conquer it for yourself. No matter how large or small your dream may be — follow it, achieve it and be stronger because of it.

Lions Clubs International

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Matteo's Dream

#MatteosDream Photo Contest

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The theme of 125th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade is Dreams Come True. From Fighting Hunger to the Reading Action program, we know the power of Lions and Leos is our ability to pull together our resources and make dreams come true every day.

Now we’re challenging you and your club to show us how you make dreams come true and rally around the #RoseParade theme in our first ever Social Media Photo Contest!

Last week, we shared the story behind our float entry in the 125th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade. #MatteosDream is just one of the thousands of projects Lions and Leos have sponsored to help people across the world. We want to see how YOUR Lions project makes dreams come true, and we’ll make it worth your while with a prize!

How do you enter?

Submit an interesting photo on Facebook or Instagram of how your club makes dreams come true. Do not include a description or caption. (OFFICIAL RULES BELOW.) Pictures must show at least one Lion or Leo in action, or your entire club working on a project.

Only one photo submission per Lion, Leo and Club will be accepted. Any additional photos submitted after the initial entry will not be considered.

Must be an active Lion or Leo member to participate. Void where prohibited. Contest will run until January 1, 2014. Winners will be selected by our social media team and contacted for an address to have pins mailed to them. Winners will be announced publicly by January 7, 2014.

Below are the rules and instructions for how to enter each contest.


Be on the lookout for a post announcing the start of the contest. Photos must be submitted within the comments section of that thread.

**This promotion does not have a connection with Facebook in any way and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. Lions Clubs International is the recipient of the information you provide, not Facebook.


Upload a photo to your Instagram stream with one of the following captions depending on the person or persons submitting the photo.

Single Member Entry: This is how I make dreams come true. Support #MatteosDream #RoseParade.

Club Entry: This is how we make dreams come true. Support #MatteosDream #RoseParade.

Be sure to share your Instagram photo on Twitter and Facebook too!



We’ll be giving away official Lions Clubs International 2014 Rose Parade Pins as prizes to winners. Our social media team will select one winner and we want you to help us select a second winner by giving your favorite photo a “Like.”  Winning entries will be featured on Facebook and our Blog. Additionally, all participants will have their photos featured on our Storify page.

Show us how you make dreams come true!

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Video: Feeding Kids Through Bag-A-Burger

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Here’s a video from our Lions Quarterly (LQ) Archives that shows how Lions in South Africa fed hungry children, while also teaching them about the environment, through their Bag-A-Burger project. The Lions gathered local children for an environmental project, during which the kids received gloves and bags to help clean garbage and litter from the area. After the clean-up, Lions served burgers to the children. What a great way to fight hunger and promote environmental awareness at the same time!

How is your club participating in this month’s Relieving the Hunger Global Service Action Campaign?

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Lions in the Headlines

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Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.
  • TEXAS, USA: Executive women to form new Lions club.
  • INDIANA, USA: Lions help build a new home for a local family with special needs children.
  • AUSTRALIA: Lions set up program to help residents in the event of a disaster.
  • MALAYSIA: Seven Lions clubs donate food and other necessities for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
  • MISSISSIPPI, USA: LCIF donates funds to provide playground equipment for children and adults of all abilities.
Has your Lions club been featured in the local news recently? Share your story!

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