LQ: Glimpse 100 Years of Service

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Since 1917, Lions have been serving their communities whenever and wherever there is a need. As we approach 100 years of service, it’s time to celebrate a century of eyeglass recycling, sight missions, disaster relief, Peace Poster contests, tree plantings, food drives and so many other service projects that have helped change lives.

The latest Lions Quarterly video magazine includes the segment above, which provides just a glimpse of how Lions have made an impact over the past 100 years.

How is your Lions club participating in the centennial celebration? Join the Centennial Service Challenge to help Lions everywhere serve 100 million people by 2018! Be sure to post photos of your centennial projects on social media with the hashtag #LIONS100.

LCIF Foundation

News Release: Dr. Virgilio Galvis Ramirez Wins the 2015 Lions/PAAO Award in Blindness Prevention

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Oak Brook, Illinois, USA, June 23, 2015—Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) are pleased to announce Dr. Virgilio Galvis Ramirez of Colombia as the winner of the 2015 Lions/PAAO Award in Blindness Prevention.

Dr. Galvis is the Director of the ophthalmic center that carries his name in Bucaramanga, Colombia. He is also an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, and a pioneer in blindness prevention care for the low-income population in Colombia. Dr. Galvis created the Ophthalmologic Foundation of Santander (FOS) in 1979 with a mission to ”Help others to see” and to bring basic eye care services to rural areas where such services were not available. Additionally, the FOS Center has offered training courses on blindness prevention to national and international eye care professionals in partnership with the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) Foundation. During his term as Colombia’s Health Minister, Dr. Galvis spearheaded the integration of the VISION 2020 initiative into Colombia’s national eye care program goals. For these, and many more accomplishments, Dr. Galvis will be presented with the US$1,000 award during the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology’s XXXI Congress in Bogotá on August 5, 2015.

The Lions/PAAO Award in Blindness Prevention was created to recognize excellence in the field of blindness prevention. This award is presented on an annual basis to an ophthalmologist of the host country of the PAAO Regional Course or Congress to celebrate local efforts in blindness prevention. The award is made possible through the LCIF SightFirst program and consists of a US$1,000 grant and a travel budget.

“Through SightFirst, Lions have a long history of saving sight and preventing blindness. These successes would not possible without the hard work and accomplishments of ophthalmologists around the world,” said Past LCIF Chairperson Sid L. Scruggs, III. “We are proud to award this grant to a deserving individual who shares in our mission and has made an impact in preventing blindness.”


About Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)
Lions Clubs International Foundation is the grant-making body of Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest volunteer service club organization. The LCIF SightFirst program, Lions’ flagship initiative, builds comprehensive eye care systems to fight the major causes of blindness and care for blind and visually impaired persons. Since 1990, the SightFirst program has helped restore sight to more than 30 million people around the world. Lions have raised more than $415 million to provide surgeries, to improve of hundreds of eye care facilities and train of thousands of eye care professionals. For more information, visit www.lcif.org.

About the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO)
The Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology was founded in 1939. The PAAO is dedicated to the prevention of blindness through lifelong education and cultural exchange among ophthalmologists in the western hemisphere. For more information, visit www.paao.org.


Dignity. Harmony. Humanity.

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This year’s Presidential Theme encourages Lions to bring dignity to others through service, create harmony through effective leadership, and build bridges through humanity. Here are a few ways to join Lions around the world in celebrating “Dignity. Harmony. Humanity.”:

Learn more about the 2015-2016 theme on the LCI website, where you’ll find resources and tools to help you get started on this year’s initiatives, and watch the video above to see how Lions are changing lives everywhere.


#LCICon Honolulu – Day 4

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Photos from day four of the 98th Lions International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.  You can find more convention photos on the LCICon Facebook page and watch video clips from the second plenary session on the LCICon YouTube channel.

Second Plenary Session

_M1_1322 _M1_1325 _M1_1331 _M1_1334 _M1_1339 _M1_1347 _M1_1349 _M1_1353 _M1_1354 _M1_1357 _M1_1362 _M1_1364 _M1_1366 _M1_1369 _M1_1370 _M1_1371 _M1_1372 _M1_1373 _M1_1374 _M1_1380 _M1_1382 _M1_1385 _M1_1387 _M1_1392 _M1_1394 _M1_1395 _M1_1396 _M1_1397  _M1_1404 _M1_1408 _M1_1413 _M1_1420 _M1_1422 _M1_1434 _M1_1441 _M1_1446 _M1_1450 _M1_1454 _M1_1455 _M1_1459 _M1_1462 _M1_1466 _M1_1475 _M1_1479 _M1_1480 _M1_1483 _M1_1486 _M1_1492 _M1_1495 _M1_1504 _M1_1513 _M1_1527 _M1_1531 _M1_1533 _M1_1540 _M1_1545 _M1_1555 _M1_1568 _M1_1571 _M1_1575 _M1_1577 _M1_1582 _M1_1586 _M1_1588 _M1_1590 _M1_1592 _M1_1596 _M1_1602 _M1_1604 _M1_1609 _M1_1938 _M1_1939 _M1_1940 _M1_1941 _M1_1942 _M2_2359 _M2_2361 _M2_2364 _M2_2366 _M2_2369 _M2_2373 _M2_2375 _M2_2383 _M2_2388 _M2_2389 _M2_2392 _M2_2397 _M2_2402 _M2_2406 _M2_2409 _M2_2412 _M2_2416 _M2_2418 _M2_2423 _M2_2424 _M2_2433 _M2_2443 _M2_2445 _M2_2452 _M2_2458 _M2_2460 _M2_2461 _M2_2466 _M2_2474 _M2_2477 _M2_2480 _M2_2498 _M2_2502 _M2_2510 _M2_2516 _M2_2517 _M2_2518 _M2_2528 _M2_2532 _M2_2534 _M2_2541 _M2_2700


#LCICon Honolulu – Day 3

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Photos from day three of the 98th Lions International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.  You can find more convention photos on the LCICon Facebook page and watch video clips from the opening plenary on the LCICon YouTube channel.

Opening Plenary Session

_M1_0533 _M1_0531  _M2_1052  _M2_1048      _M2_1041 _M2_1040 _M2_1039 _M2_1038 _M2_1037 _M2_1036 _M2_1035 _M2_1034 _M2_1033 _M2_1032 _M2_1031 _M2_1030 _M2_1029 _M2_1028 _M2_1021 _M2_1015 _M2_1008 _M2_1006 _M2_1005 _M2_1002 _M2_1001 _M2_0998 _M2_0997 _M2_0994 _M2_0987 _M2_0986 _M2_0985 _M2_0983 _M2_0981 _M2_0976 _M2_0973 _M2_0970 _M2_0967 _M2_0965 _M2_0963 _M2_0960 _M2_0959 _M2_0958 _M2_0956 _M2_0952 _M2_0950 _M2_0945 _M2_0938 _M2_0930 _M2_0928 _M2_0924 _M2_0915 _M2_0906 _M2_0889 _M2_0888 _M2_0885 _M2_0884 _M2_0882 _M2_0880 _M2_0879 _M2_0878 _M2_0877 _M2_0873 _M2_0871 _M2_0866 _M2_0862 _M2_0857 _M2_0850 _M2_0847 _M2_0803 _M2_0795 _M2_0791 _M2_0788 _M2_0782 _M2_0776 _M2_0769 _M2_0761 _M2_0760 _M2_0759 _M2_0750 _M2_0748 _M2_0746 _M2_0743 _M2_0726 _M2_0724 _M2_0723 _M2_0721 _M2_0717 _M2_0705 _M2_0700 _M2_0693 _M2_0692 _M2_0690 _M2_0686 _M2_0661 _M2_0654 _M2_0647 _M2_0643 _M2_0637 _M2_0635 _M2_0630 _M2_0626 _M2_0624 _M2_0612 _M2_0607 _M2_0603 _M2_0598 _M2_0596 _M2_0593 _M2_0579 _M2_0576 _M2_0573 _M2_0570 _M2_0567 _M2_0564 _M2_0561 _M2_0558 _M2_0556 _M2_0555 _M2_0554 _M2_0552 _M2_0550 _M2_0549 _M2_0548 _M2_0547 _M2_0545 _M2_0544 _M2_0543 _M2_0541 _M2_0536 _M2_0534 _M2_0530 _M2_0529 _M2_0526 _M2_0520 _M2_0516 _M2_0513 _M2_0511 _M2_0508 _M2_0501 _M2_0498 _M2_0497 _M2_0495 _M2_0494 _M2_0492 _M2_0489 _M2_0488 _M2_0484 _M2_0483 _M2_0480 _M2_0474 _M2_0471 _M2_0467 _M2_0466 _M2_0464 _M2_0462 _M2_0459 _M2_0458 _M2_0456 _M2_0453 _M2_0450 _M2_0449 _M2_0447 _M2_0445 _M2_0440 _M2_0438 _M2_0435 _M2_0432 _M2_0427 _M2_0426 _M2_0425 _M2_0424 _M2_0422 _M2_0421 _M2_0416 _M1_0892 _M1_0891 _M1_0890 _M1_0889 _M1_0888 _M1_0887 _M1_0886 _M1_0885 _M1_0884 _M1_0883 _M1_0882 _M1_0881 _M1_0880 _M1_0879 _M1_0878 _M1_0877 _M1_0874 _M1_0873 _M1_0872 _M1_0871 _M1_0870 _M1_0869 _M1_0865 _M1_0864 _M1_0860 _M1_0859 _M1_0858 _M1_0857 _M1_0856 _M1_0855 _M1_0854 _M1_0853 _M1_0852 _M1_0851 _M1_0850 _M1_0849 _M1_0848 _M1_0847 _M1_0846 _M1_0845 _M1_0843 _M1_0842 _M1_0840 _M1_0838 _M1_0835 _M1_0829 _M1_0827 _M1_0823 _M1_0819 _M1_0815 _M1_0814 _M1_0811 _M1_0806 _M1_0804 _M1_0802 _M1_0798 _M1_0797 _M1_0796 _M1_0795 _M1_0794 _M1_0793 _M1_0792 _M1_0790 _M1_0789 _M1_0788 _M1_0787 _M1_0784 _M1_0783 _M1_0782 _M1_0779 _M1_0778 _M1_0770 _M1_0764 _M1_0759 _M1_0753 _M1_0738 _M1_0732 _M1_0730 _M1_0728 _M1_0708 _M1_0692 _M1_0685 _M1_0674 _M1_0668 _M1_0663 _M1_0659 _M1_0656 _M1_0655 _M1_0652 _M1_0651 _M1_0640 _M1_0626 _M1_0618 _M1_0608 _M1_0597 _M1_0596 _M1_0595 _M1_0594 _M1_0593 _M1_0592 _M1_0591 _M1_0589 _M1_0584 _M1_0570 _M1_0556 _M1_0555 _M1_0550 _M1_0549 _M1_0547


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