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Changing the World One Community (Grant) at a Time

Bill Hatzos October 22, 2019

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) knows the importance of serving the world! But it also knows districts and clubs want to keep their impact local and sometimes need a boost to put projects within financial reach. Lions, your foundation is proud to offer the District and Club Community Impact Grant, or DCG, program! The program incentivizes both Lions donations to LCIF and Lions service projects, which match the mission and global cause areas LCIF and Lions serve.

DCGs largely put districts and clubs in a position to secure a LCIF grant to help their communities and create local impact.

The name says it all
District. Club. Community. Impact. The name of this unique LCIF grant program provides districts and clubs the ability to secure an LCIF grant to help their communities and create local impact.

You should know

  1. DCGs are based on club and district annual donations to LCIF.
  2. The program provides grants of up to 15% of clubs’ and districts’ qualifying donations* to LCIF!
    • Clubs must donate at least US$5,000 per Lion year to be eligible.
    • Districts must donate at least US$10,000 per Lion year to be eligible.
  3. DCG funds awarded to a club can be used by the club. The club can also release funds to its district’s DCG account.
  4. DCG funds can be applied to the local matching funds requirement of other LCIF grant programs.
  5. DCG funds can be accumulated year over year, allowing clubs and districts to save for larger-scale projects.
  6. District and clubs are eligible to take the steps to apply for a DCG!

*Restricted donations don’t apply toward minimum donation thresholds.

Your grant is within reach
Already know about District and Club Community Impact Grants and think your club may qualify? Complete the application to get started.

DCG Application

Make sure to take advantage of this special grant opportunity. Watch our animated video highlighting the 5 easy steps toward a DCG, then read some important information below.

Visit to learn more and email to verify your district or club donations to LCIF. If your club or district is not already qualified to apply for a grant, work with your LCIF Development liaison to develop a strategy for meeting the minimum contribution required.

Bill Hatzos is the senior marketing specialist for Lions Clubs International Foundation.