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Lions Clubs International Foundation
300 W. 22nd St. 
Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842
630-571-5735 (fax)

*Please note the Foundation does not provide funding to individuals, as all grant monies are awarded directly to a Lions club for project and program implementation.

Rebecca Teel Daou
Executive Administrator

Monika Kural
Division Assistant 
(630) 468-6901

Christine Hastings
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
(630) 468-6775


LCIF Humanitarian Initiatives Department

(For questions about humanitarian grant programs, email LCIFHumanitarianPrograms@lionsclubs.org. For Emergency grant requests, email LCIFemergencygrants@lionsclubs.org or call (630) 203-3819.)

KaSondra Byrd
(630) 468-6826

Oumar Diallo
Regional Program Specialist
India, South Asia and Africa Matching Grants
(630) 468-6930

J. Beeck
Regional Program Specialist 
ANZI-Pacific and OSEAL Matching Grants
(630) 468-6799

Julie Boonprasarn 
Regional Program Specialist  
Europe and the Middle East Matching Grants
(630) 468-6802

Gabriela Klein
Regional Program Specialist
Latin America Matching Grants, Lions Quest Grants
(630) 468-7113


LCIF Global Health Initiatives Department

(All LCIF sight-related and diabetes grant programs)

Gillian Gibbs
(630) 468-6931

Brandon Williams
Regional Program Specialist

Pacific, Europe, Sight for Kids
(630) 468-7034

Amber Shumard
Regional Program Specialist
South Asia
(630) 468-7047

Emily Johnson
Regional Program Specialist
North America, Latin America Grants, Lions- WHO Childhood Blindness Partnership
(630) 468-7082

Karen Kilberg
Regional Program Specialist 
Africa, Middle East Grants, Research SightFirst Grants
(630) 468-6996


LCIF New and Emerging Initiatives

For questions about the Leo Service Grant Program, e-mail LCIFLeogrants@lionsclubs.org

For District and Club Community Impact Grant applications and grant inquiries, email LCIFdistrictandclub@lionsclubs.org. Questions regarding donations or a district or club’s balance of available funds should be directed to donorassistance@lionsclubs.org

Benjamin Futransky 
(630) 468-6723

Beth Smith
Program Specialist
(630) 468-7079


Lions Quest Department


Matthew Kiefer
(630) 468-6965

Kimberly Anderson
Educational Programs Specialist
(630) 468-6904

Ariel Dickson
Educational Programs Specialist 
(630) 468-6778

Kimberly Haynes
Program Development Specialist
(630) 468-6772

Maurice Van Horne
Marketing and Sales Specialist
(630) 468-6733

Penny Willis
Training and Program Development Specialist 
(630) 468-6960

Diane Suffield
Department Assistant
(630) 468-7050

LCIF Philanthropy

Johnny Cooper
Chief of Philanthropy
(630) 468-7044

Christopher Plunkett
Manager of Individual and Club Giving
(630) 468-6939

Lea Ann Nowobielski
Division Assistant
(630) 468-6829

LCIF Donor Services

General inquiries: (630) 203-3836

Anthony Paskauskas
Donor Services
(630) 468-6708

Laura Snow
Assistant Manager
(630) 468-6963

LCIF Development


Constitutional Areas I, II, and III

Dannette Pryor
Regional Development Manager
The Americas
(630) 468-6726

Anne Schullo
Regional Development Specialist
U.S.A. Eastern Region

(630) 468-7095

Ellen Winter Ph.D.
Regional Development Specialist
U.S.A. Western Region
(630) 468-7163

Rick Pesavento
Regional Development Specialist
U.S.A. (Midwest Region) and Canada
(630) 468-6791

Flynn Doran
Regional Development Specialist 
Latin America and the Islands of the Caribbean
(630) 468-7142

Constitutional Areas IV

Paul Steele
Regional Development Manager
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
(630) 468-7175

Lubna Saleh
Regional Development Specialist
(630) 468-7175

Constitutional Area V

Sarah Sitz
Regional Development Coordinator
East Asia
(630) 468-6939

Constitutional Areas VI and VII

Jeff Arnett
Regional Development Manager
South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia 
(630) 468-6973

LCIF Development

Erik Brejla
Manager, Institutional Giving 
(630) 468-7091

Katherine Keller
Manager of Corporate Partnerships
(630) 468-6837

Strategic Giving

Michael Smith
Manager, Strategic Giving
(630) 468-7060

Caitlin Forkins
Strategic Giving Specialist
(630) 468-7060

Campaign 100

Laura Aikens
Campaign Manager
(630) 468-7028

Gabriela Nuñez
Associate Campaign Manager

(630) 468-7138