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Disaster Relief

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, Lions are often among the first to offer aid. And LCIF is right there with them, ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through global disaster relief programs.

There When the World Needs Us

Working together with local Lions and Lion leaders, we assess urgent needs and quickly deliver aid to disaster victims. Lions know that a disaster can affect anyone’s community, whether it’s halfway around the world or right at home.

  • More than US$118 million for disaster relief programs worldwide
  • Mobilized US$6 million for Haiti earthquake relief
  • Mobilized US$15 million following South Asia tsunami
  • Mobilized US$5 million for Hurricane Katrina projects


Your Help Goes a Long Way

There’s no telling when or where a disaster might strike. But you can help make sure that Lions will always be there when they’re needed.

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