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Young Adults

Young adult members bring new energy and diverse skills into your club and ensure your club will be in existence in 40 years. By recruiting young adults into your club, you can:

  • Gain fresh ideas for service projects and activities
  • Increase hands to do more service
  • Promote membership that better reflects the community
  • Mirror current times
  • Breathe life into your club
  • Sustain your club

Contrary to popular belief, young adults want to volunteer and are volunteering at a higher rate than normal. We've made it easier to get them involved by providing you with the tools you need.

Tools for Recruiting Young Adults

  • The Become Involved Become a Lion video highlights young adults speaking about why they became a Lion, the benefits of membership and what types of service projects their club is involved in.

For More Information

For more information about recruiting young adults, contact Membership Operations.