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The Carter Center (TCC) partnership is among the most important and long-lasting relationships currently enjoyed by the SightFirst program and the foundation. Since 1994, LCIF has approved more than 50 onchocerciasis (river blindness) and trachoma grants totaling over US$60 million in 14 countries across Latin America and Africa.

The LCIF-TCC partnership has achieved a significant amount since 1994:

  • With LCIF support, over 164 million doses of Zithromax® antibiotic have been distributed to control trachoma. This represents more than half of the global trachoma antibiotic distribution to date by all partners; 
  • With LCIF support, more than 761,000 surgeries have been performed on patients with advanced trachoma, halting the blinding effect of this painful infection; 
  • With LCIF support, more than 218 million Mectizan® treatments have been distributed to reduce the suffering caused by river blindness, and
  • With LCIF support, over three million latrines have been built.