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SightFirst Grants

SightFirst grants can help a child see the world for the first time. They can protect a village from a debilitating eye disease, or intervene before someone goes blind due to diabetic eye disease. They can upgrade hospitals and clinics in underserved communities by training doctors and nurses, distributing medicine and raising awareness around the world.


Step Two: Questionnaires for Grant Applicants

Next, please download and complete the corresponding questionnaire.



Step Three: Grant Application 

Finally, please fill out the SightFirst grant application and send in with your corresponding questionnaires.

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Upcoming Application Deadlines

The applications for SightFirst grants are due no later than 90 days prior to the start of the SightFirst Advisory Committee meetings, which take place in January and August.

  • October 16, 2017: Application deadline for SightFirst grants to be reviewed at the January 2018 SightFirst Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting
  • May 12, 2018: Application deadline for SightFirst grants to be reviewed at the August 2018 SightFirst Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting

For the list of approved equipment for SightFirst funding, please review the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness VISION 2020 Standard List.



Recent SightFirst Grants


Mali, District 403-A1

A US$744,660 grant was awarded to the Lions of District 403-A1 (Mali) for the continued support of the Institut d’Ophthalmologie Tropicale d’Afrique (IOTA) eye health personnel training program in Bamako, Mali. The grant will support the training of six ophthalmologists and 40 ophthalmic nurses from across Francophone West Africa over five years.

Kenya, District 411-A

A grant of US$604,459 was awarded to the Lions of District 411-A (Kenya) to support the establishment of four vision centers in Makueni, Nakuru, Machakos and Meru counties. The grant intends to train 800 community health workers in eye care and provide refresher trainings to four ophthalmic clinical officers. Additionally, the project will provide 72,000 individuals with comprehensive eye care services, prescribe spectacles to 21,250 adults and children, and counsel 16,875 diabetics on diabetes management. The project will be implemented over three years.

Uganda, District 411-B

A three-year grant of US$320,633 was awarded to the Lions of District 411-B (Uganda) to implement Uganda’s first diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment program. The project will equip one tertiary-level eye hospital with diabetic retinopathy diagnostic and surgical equipment. Furthermore, one ophthalmologist will receive vitreoretinal sub-specialty training in India, and five new ophthalmic clinical officers and 16 new ophthalmic nurses will be trained. It is also expected that 10,000 people with diabetes will be screened for diabetic retinopathy, of which 775 will have their diabetic retinopathy treated.

For information about previously approved grants, please contact the Sight Programs department at SightFirst@lionsclubs.org.