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Answering a Special Call to Serve


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Launched in August 2017, the Specialty Club program was designed to create clubs in which members share a common interest or passion, allowing them to connect with one another on a deeper level. For example, they may share a hobby, profession, culture, common cause or life experience.

Forming specialty clubs allows groups of people around the world to turn their passions into rewarding service projects that directly benefit their communities. 

Joining a specialty Lions club is a great way to meet people who share common interests and build leadership skills while serving your community.

Explore how Lions can apply and serve as a Specialty Clubs Program Coordinator to help support their district’s new club development goals.


Discover How Lions with Shared Interests Are Serving


Lions Specialty Clubs: Overview

Lions Specialty Clubs: Cause

Lions Specialty Clubs: Retiree

Lions Specialty Clubs: Culture

Lions Specialty Clubs: Sports

Sutton Racing Lions Club


Web Series


The Specialty Clubs Program web series provides information on chartering specialty clubs, and the benefits of choosing a specialty category:

  • Episode 1 – What’s so special about Specialty Clubs?
  • Episode 2 – Is this program really NEW?
  • Episode 3 – How do I charter a new specialty club?
  • Episode 4 – Campus Clubs: Becoming Lion for Life!
  • Episode 5 – Specialty, virtual, cyber... please explain!


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